Buxom Julianne Kissinger Flaunts Naked Backside In Latest Instagram Post

Julianne KissingerInstagram

Buxom Instagram star Julianne Kissinger is currently conducting a mini-survey on her social media accounts. The model, who is better known as Juli Annee, wants to know whether her fans prefer “Boobies or booty?” This particular Instagram snap definitely focuses on the latter.

The sexy bombshell posted a photo of herself in a very demure plaid shirt. Although the winter weather is certainly chilly, the oversized men’s shirt is definitely not Kissinger’s usual attire. The model, who is of Portuguese and German descent, usually prefers to wear clothes which are far more revealing such as lingerie or bikinis.

However, although her top half is covered up, the sexy siren lifts up the shirt to show off that she is not wearing any panties beneath the checkered cloth. The naughty photo is a typical Juli Annee shot and shows why she is revered as one of the top Instagram models.

Kissinger chose to pose for this particular shot while standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window. In the background, high-rise buildings can be seen. But the busty brunet is not interested in the spectacular panoramic views. Instead, she peers through her dark tresses and stares at the camera seductively as she gently lifts her derriere.

She wore her long hair in a side parting that cascaded in loose curls over her shoulders and back. Kissinger prefers to accentuate her eyes and lips with bold makeup and wore a racy red nail polish to complete her look. No other accessories can be seen on this particular snap.

Kissinger has a large following of 4.9 million people. The 23-year-old regularly interacts with her fans and posts frequently to keep them engaged. Of course, they were not shy about answering her question and informed the brown-eyed beauty of their preferences.

In less than one day, the photo garnered more than 158,000 likes. Close to 4,000 fans also participated in the informal survey and told Kissinger what their preference was. Some fans also just commented on the Instagram beauty.

“Hmm. Depends on my mood.”

“Both of yours are exceptional so either are great and both are better.”

“Which ever one you’re showing is my favorite, so right now it’s booty ty if I had to pick.”

On her website, Kissinger describes herself as a “famous American model and social media persona who has amassed quite a following through her gorgeous photos of herself and capturing hearts as well with posts with her adorable daughter.”