Jillian Michaels Says Andy Cohen Is ‘Not A Nice Dude’ Amid Feud About Keto Diet

Kevin Mazur / Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Jillian Michaels is not mincing words when it comes to Andy Cohen. The celebrity trainer is speaking out about the Bravo host’s below-the-belt commentary regarding her stance on the keto diet, Page Six reports.

In an interview on the Skimm’d From the Couch podcast, set to air next week, Jillian Michaels addressed Andy Cohen’s reaction after she criticized the popular low-carb, high-fat diet. Cohen called Michaels a “jackhole” on his late night Bravo show Watch What Happens Live, which prompted her to address his behavior during her interview on the podcast.

“Andy Cohen, I mean, is just not a nice guy. I had a really crappy experience with him on his show. And I’ve said, like, this is not a nice dude… I think I’m one of the only people that said, ‘Your behavior is unacceptable.’ He’s like constantly looking for… a way to pick at me. Really, you’ve got a guy that just likes to attack women… He doesn’t believe in keto. He’s just an a – – hole.”

While Andy Cohen named Jillian Michaels his “Jackhole of the Day,” the 44-year-old fitness guru, whose book The Six Keys goes into detail about why she believes the keto diet is unhealthy, also faced pushback from the Today Show’s Al Roker.

Roker, 64, who has been on the keto diet since September, took to Twitter to question Michaels’ health advice after watching her on The Biggest Loser.

“So @JillianMichaels says #Keto is a bad idea. This from a woman who promoted on camera bullying, deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss. Now those sound like bad ideas,” Roker wrote.

Michaels later posted a taped message to Al Roker, which you can see below, in which she calls him out for his diss.

Jillian Michaels also took to Twitter to call out Andy Cohen and Al Roker for their negative comments about her, inviting them to have a “civil” conversation about the keto diet instead of resorting to personal attacks and name-calling.

Jillian Michaels recently talked to Entertainment Tonight Canada about the backlash she has received from Andy Cohen and Al Roker.

“It’s like ‘you cowards!’ If you’re going to start something finish it. And like be a man, go toe to toe. Have a civil intelligent conversation. That to me is just wildly unacceptable. I’m weighing in on a diet. And by the way, it is my job! You then have two individuals who are in a pretty high position in the media right? That just resorts to personal attacks and name-calling. The minute I was like ‘why don’t we have an intelligent, civil debate, on keto if that’s what both of you would like,’ not a peep out of either one of them.”

Michaels explained that while keto dieters “definitely burn fat faster,” she feels the diet also ages people faster.

As for her high-profile haters, Jillian Michaels added, “Oh haters are going to hate. I couldn’t care less about that. I feel like I’m living proof of what I do and what I say works.”