Prince Charles ‘Worried’ About Dad Prince Philip Driving Before Car Crash, Per ‘Express’

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A new report by Express details that Prince Charles was “worried ” about his father Prince Philip’s ability to drive years before the Duke of Edinburgh crashed his car on January 17.

The duke was behind the wheel when he was involved in a crash with a Kia carrying two women and a baby near his Sandringham Estate in Norfolk on Thursday, reported Express.

Prince Philip’s Land Rover overturned during the collision as the 97-year-old was behind the wheel.

Express reported that his son, Prince Charles, spoke about his fears over Philip continuing to drive despite his age nearly five years ago, relaying his concerns to Ivor Thomas, a former corporal in the Royal Engineers, in June 2014.

Thomas’s son allegedly told Charles that his father, who was in a wheelchair, still insisted on driving his car.

Charles replied, alleged Express, “So does my father. I’m always worried.”

The 97-year-old regularly drives himself around, preferring to take the wheel rather than use a driver. Back in 2016, the duke drove the queen, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle when the then-U.S. President visited Britain, reported Express.

Prince Philip’s accident, which could have been fatal, brings up the debate of how old is too old to be behind the wheel?

Express spoke to Edmund King, AA president, who reportedly stated, “Young, predominantly male, drivers are much more likely to crash within six months of passing their test than older drivers within six months of hanging up their keys.

“Older drivers often self-restrict their driving by not driving at night and only driving on familiar roads. The decision to hang up your keys is a tough one but should be based on personal advice from your General Practitioner and family, rather than being based on some arbitrary age,” he concluded.

The crash involved the duke’s royal protection officer who was traveling with him, a second driver, a female passenger, and an infant.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, the other driver and passenger required hospital treatment. Thankfully, the baby escaped unharmed.

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UPDATE: 'Is everyone else alright?' How 'very brave' but 'shaken' Prince Philip, 97, 'went to check on mother and her baby' after he was pulled through roof of his Land Rover after he was 'dazzled by sun' and crashed into Kia. Prince Philip is 'conscious but very shocked and shaken' after crashing his Land Rover near Sandringham yesterday afternoon. The Duke is unhurt and with the Queen at Sandringham following the dramatic crash after he pulled out on to A149 in Norfolk. Two women with ten-month-old baby in back of their Kia smashed into the side of his armoured Land Rover. All three were rushed to hospital - one suffered a broken arm, the other injured her knee but baby unharmed. Philip was pulled from the wreckage via sunroof and Duke was 'conscious' but 'very shaken and shocked'. The 97 year old does have an up to date driving license. In UK there is no age limit on drivers but every 3 years they must update license agency with a medical note. The Duke was seen by a doctor at his medical facilities on the Sandringham Estate as a precaution but was given the all clear. However, he will be closely monitored for 48 hours to ensure he has no internal injuries. The Duke of Edinburgh and the female driver were breathalysed and both gave negative readings. The crash happened on a stretch of the single carriageway road which has a 60mph limit and is a notorious accident spot. Astonishingly, the site is just 30 miles from where the Duke was involved in another crash 23 years ago, which wrote off a Mercedes and injured another motorist. There is still some confusion about where his royal protection officers were. Reports that he was in car on his own. However people arrived on scene very quickly. ???????????????????????? #britishroyals #britishroyalfamily #royalfamily #sandringham #queenelizabeth #princephilip #princephillip #dukeofedinburgh

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A spokesman for the Norfolk Police stated to Express in a statement, “The male driver of the Land Rover was uninjured. The female driver of the Kia suffered cuts while the female passenger sustained an arm injury, both requiring hospital treatment. We can confirm both casualties have been treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn and have since been discharged.”

The duke had a new Land Rover, identical to the one he was driving that was badly damaged, delivered to the royal family’s Sandringham estate, posted the Daily Mail on Twitter.

The 97-year-old duke retired from public duties in 2017.