Busty 'Playboy' Model Sara Underwood Gets Wet, Flaunts Her Assets In Sexy One-Piece Swimsuit

Despite her success as a former Playboy Playmate, Sara Underwood has managed to successfully capitalize on the ubiquitous nature of social media, attracting a huge and devoted following -- a fanbase she cultivates and placates in a steady series of sexy and sultry snapshots.

In her most recent share on popular social media platform Instagram, Underwood posted a picture that is sure to send hearts fluttering and temperatures rising, as she shows off her flawless figure.

In this particular image, the busty blonde is shown enjoying herself on the beach, though not in the way you might think. As opposed to frolicking in the sand or running along a sandbank, Sara is seen relaxing on a rather old-fashioned rustic swing, which is constructed from a simple wooden plank and a few pieces of rope.

In the background, lush and dense trees are littered across the beach, lending an almost tropical vibe to the photo. While it is by no means crystal clear, the smattering of clouds and the piercing blue sky contrast nicely with the dark green treeline. In the foreground, viewers can catch a glimpse at the blueish-green beach water, which Underwood seems to be enjoying as she sits, posing on the aforementioned swing.

With her choice in swimwear, the former Playboy model leaves little to the imagination. Underwood is rocking a sexy and rather tight one-piece swimsuit, which hugs her curves and showcases her figure in all the right ways. This photo in particular shows off a rather generous view of Sara's ample assets, along with her well-toned legs and hips.

Of course, what seals the deal for this Instagram snapshot is the look on Underwood's face. Needless to say, she seems to be enjoying herself as she relaxes in this beach paradise, with a smile adorned across her face. Her blonde tresses are hanging at shoulder length, and her adorable hat ties her ensemble together.

It should come as no surprise that Sara Underwood's fanbase greatly appreciated her recent post. At the time of writing, her post has been live for less than 24 hours but has accrued over 160,000 likes. Nearly 900 Instagram fans took to the comment section to let Sara know how much they loved her photo, with a sea of complimentary messages accompanying the photo.

"Wow Sara you are just stunning in that yellow one piece," one user wrote. "So beautiful, where is it, how can there be such a place?" another chimed in.

Unfortunately, Sara did not choose to geotag her photo, so fans may be left guessing as to where the sultry snapshot was taken.

Outside of modeling, Sara Underwood rose to stardom for co-hosting G4's Attack of the Show!