Jenny McCarthy Scared Off Josh Groban With Sexy Dancers

Jenny McCarthy’s new show plodded through its first episode without her planned guest, singer Josh Groban.

McCarthy told Access Hollywood that Groban, who was scheduled to appear as her first guest on her new show, opted out of the guest spot at the last minute because of McCarthy’s sexy go-go dancers.

“He did show up, [but] I think the go-go dancers [his team] took a look at and thought they were a little too sexy for their taste,” said McCarthy, adding, “Five minutes before my first show taping, [Josh’s] team removed him.”

“Did Josh come up and go, ‘Jenny, I’m sorry, I want to do it’?” asked Kit Hoover.

“No, no,” Jenny replied.

McCarthy’s show still went well, as her sister JoJo stepped in to fill the Groban void.

“I’ve been in this business so long that I can handle changes, so I threw that script away,” she said. “We threw JoJo in and said, ‘Let’s go, girl!'”

The Huffington Post reports that Groban also took issue with some of the questions he was to be asked, including “What music do you listen to when you make love?”

McCarthy says that her talk show employs go-go dancers because she’s going for a “nightclub” feel.

“I feel like — even though Jay Leno is sexy and all — I wanted to bring some sexy girls like you’d see in a nightclub,” says McCarthy. “We have a bartender, a DJ, so I thought let’s have some go-go dancers, dressed the same as you see in Vegas. Kind of cabaret style.”

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