TNT’s ‘Raised By Wolves’ Sci-Fi Android Series Starring Travis Fimmel Gets New Cast Additions

Harold CunninghamGetty Images

With Season 3 of Westworld still in production, there is an android-shaped hole left in the TV schedule. However, TNT’s new sci-fi series, Raised by Wolves might be just the thing you need to fill that hole.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Australian actor, Travis Fimmel, is making a return to television with his inclusion in Raised by Wolves.

The following synopsis was provided by Deadline.

“[Raised by Wolves] centers on two androids — Father and Mother — tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task.”

Initial reports billed Fimmel as playing an android called Father in Raised by Wolves. However, Variety now states that he will play the role of Marcus, “a roguish, charismatic soldier, who was the ultimate survivor back on Earth.”

Instead, Abubakar Salim will play Father, an android who is tasked with helping to repopulate the humankind on a new planet after religious intolerance contributed to destroying Earth.

At the time, there was very little news regarding the other cast members. However, Variety has just released a glut of details pertaining to Fimmel’s fellow cast members.

Amanda Collin is set to star as Mother, an android “with a secret past who has been programmed to raise a brood of human children on a faraway planet.” Mother is also tasked with trying to prevent a repeat of what religious differences did to help destroy the Earth originally.

Winta McGrath will play Campion in Raised by Wolves. Campion is “a scrappy and soulful 12-year-old boy who was raised by Mother and Father since birth.”

Niamh Algar will play a character called Sue, who is the wife of Fimmel’s character, Marcus. Her character is described as “a strong, resourceful combat medic who put aside her reservations about coming to this new planet at the urging of her husband Marcus.”

Felix Jamieson will play Paul, the 12-year-old son of Sue and Marcus. Paul is “a boy of unshakable faith in both his religion and his father” and will develop and friendship — and rivalry — with Campion in Raised by Wolves.

Ethan Hazzard will play Hunter. Ethan, aged 17, will have to learn how to survive without the “hierarchy he once sat atop” thanks to his father once being a member of a powerful religious order back on Earth.

Jordan Loughran will play Tempest, a 17-year-old who was “raised with a religion she never really believed in.” She now sees Mother and Father as far superior to the “human guardians who so often let her down.” Not long after arriving in the new world, Tempest discovers she is pregnant. This pregnancy is the result of a rape that “she suffered at the hands of a high-ranking member of her church.”

Aasiya Shah will play Holly, 15, and is described as a “burgeoning warrior” in Raised by Wolves.

The final cast announcement is that of Ivy Wong, who will play Vita, 6, and is considered “the youngest member of the family, but also the most fearless.”

Production is set to begin this month in South Africa. So, the bad news is that is that Raised by Wolves might not hit out TV screens until after Season 3 of Westworld. However, if HBO continues its two-year gaps between seasons, it might be something to look out for between seasons.