Heidi Klum Models Sexy Black Lingerie While Draped In Live Slithering Snakes

Supermodel Heidi Klum has posed in some crazy photo shoots, but this one takes the cake.

Klum has been promoting her show Germany's Next Top Model on Instagram with a series of fun photos and videos, including a recent Boomerang snippet where she's dressed in shiny blank pants, black boots, and a black-and-white striped sweater.

This will be the 14th season of the hit show, which is a spin-off of sorts from Tyra Banks' show America's Next Top Model. The upcoming season will air on February 7.

But it's the short video Klum shared Thursday that has her fans cringing just a bit. She shares plenty of cleavage in the photo shoot with a barely there piece of black lingerie. She playfully sticks out her tongue just like a snake would.

One of the creepy creatures winds around her black top hat and three are draped around her neck. One snake heads south toward her shiny tight shorts. and lays across her hand. Not once does she flinch, but instead, she appears to be having a fantastic time. She doesn't seem to be fearful at all with this crazy photo shoot.

Instagram user @enews had a clever response to Klum's post.

"Consider ussss impressssed (and scared)," the post said.

Another follower, @gina_michelle_ms, declared she was going to have nightmares thanks to the video.

"Would need major tranquilizers," wrote @ejweinman.

Klum declared that she had a fantastic day with the reptiles.

"Loved spending the day with these beautiful snakes," she said.

It's no surprise that Klum was totally on board for wearing snakes in a photo shoot. She is considered the queen of Halloween and every year comes up crazy costumes and wild props. One year, she transformed herself into Jessica Rabbit and spent days in a prosthetics lab in order to have the exact curves she needed to replicate the character.

"I think putting on a costume loosens people up. Put on a wig, and all of a sudden it's like, 'woo-woo!' To me, life is about creating memories. The regular days kind of just blend in," she told Vogue.

She has dressed up as Princess Fiona, complete with ogre-sized hands and a voluptuous green chest poking out of her princess gown. One year, she metamorphosized into a beautiful giant butterfly, and another time she made herself look incredibly old and dressed up as a grandma would.

Another time, she clothed herself in gold and became Cleopatra complete with a huge headdress and gorgeous gown. She's been a feathery bird, a hairy monkey and the Hindu goddess Kali with eight blue arms.

"In our house it's Halloween all year round," Heidi Klum once told People.