Jessica Simpson Shares Hilarious ’10-Year Challenge’ Response Featuring Her Feet On Instagram

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The latest social media craze taking the world by storm is the “10-year challenge,” where users share photos of themselves from 10 years ago side-by-side with their most recent photo, showing off the differences a decade can make. A number of celebrities have gotten in on the popular hashtag game, the most recent being singer Jessica Simpson, who shared a hilarious take on the challenge to her Instagram account tonight.

Jessica shared her response to the social media trend on Thursday, January 17, but the photos featured in her 10-year challenge are much different than how most people have responded to the hashtag. Instead of using full body shots, or even close up headshots, the “I Think I’m In Love With You” singer turned the attention to her feet, citing another viral Instagram post of hers that made the rounds on the web last week.

On the left side, Jessica’s 10-year-old photo captured her from the waist down, showing off her incredibly sculpted legs in dangerously short frayed denim shorts and her average looking feet sporting a pair of cognac wedge sandals.

The second photo of the post offered a more recent look at her foot and ankle, which, likely due to her being pregnant with her third child, had swollen up to nearly twice their size.

The picture was originally posted to Instagram last week when the Inquisitr previously reported that Jessica enlisted the help of her 4.4 million followers to find a cure for the swelling. The soon-to-be mother of three ultimately ended up using a frozen chicken to ice it at the suggestion of her followers, though they recommended an ice pack as opposed to the poultry.

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Fans went wild for Jessica’s hilarious take on the social media challenge, awarding the post nearly 130,000 likes in less than an hour of going live. Thousands of fans took to the comment section as well to show praise for work of comedic genius.

“My inspiration,” wrote Jersey Shore’s Snooki, who is also pregnant with her third child, while her best pal JWoww wrote she “love[s] this so much.”


“Hahahaha this is amazing! Best one yet!” another Instagram user commented.

Others dubbed Jessica the official winner of the challenge, calling for it to end after her post.

“Challenge is over #youwin,” wrote morning radio show host Carolina Bermudez. “Nothing better than a girl with a sense of humor!”

“Jessica Simpson just won the internet,” said another.