‘One Piece’ Chapter 930 Spoilers: Emperor Big Mom Arrives In Wano, King’s Devil Fruit Power Revealed

NMH.illusionFlickr/Cropped and Resized(CC BY 2.0 )

One Piece Chapter 930 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will be featuring several interesting things including the arrival of Emperor Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates in Wano Country, the fight between Strawhat Pirates cook Vinsmoke Sanji and Beast Pirates headliner Page One, and the devil fruit power of Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire.

In the spoilers posted at Oro Jackson, One Piece Chapter 930 started with Emperor Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates finally reaching Wano Country. However, like Monkey D. Luffy, Emperor Big Mom was separated from her crew and was shown drowning in the water. Meanwhile, the Big Mom Pirates ship led by Charlotte Perospero, Charlotte Smoothie, and Charlotte Daifuku, headed to the peak of the waterfall using the carps as a guide.

However, before they arrived at the top of the waterfall, Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire appeared in a dinosaur form and attacked the carps. With no one to guide them, the Big Mom Pirates ship fell into the sea. Emperor Kaido and his subordinates celebrated King’s attack. One Piece Chapter 930 revealed that King’s devil fruit is Ryuu Ryuu no Mi, an Ancient Zoan that enables him to transform into a dinosaur (Model: Pteranodon.)

One Piece Chapter 930 also showed Trafalgar D. Water Law, Usopp, Cyborg Franky, and Sanji trying to escape from the area where the six strongest Beast Pirates headliners are wreaking havoc. Page One, who also ate a devil fruit that enables him to transform into a dinosaur, is destroying every soba stand in order to find Sanji. Black Leg decided to fight back, but before he confronted Page One, Law warned him not to tell anything about the samurais and the minks if he lost and was captured.

Sanji kicked Page One with full force, but the attack doesn’t seem to have any effect to the Beast Pirates headliner. After realizing the power of his opponent, Sanji wondered if he will be using the Raid Suit gifted to him by one his brothers. It’s interesting to see what type of power the Raid Suit could give Sanji. It will definitely be useful in their upcoming war against the Beast Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 930 also featured Roronoa Zoro and his traveling companion Tonoyasu arriving at Ebisu town. Despite being extremely poor, the citizen of Ebisu keeps smiling every day. The people welcomed Zoro and Tonoyasu to the town and gave them clean water to drink.