Nina Dobrev Hijacks Superfan’s Phone And Takes A Cleavage Pic Before Sending It To Fan’s Mom On Snapchat

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Have you ever pinched your friend’s phone, taken a funny — or inappropriate — pic, and sent it to one of their friends on Snapchat? Now, imagine if it was Nina Dobrev who did this with your phone.

This is exactly what actress Nina Dobrev did recently to a superfan of hers, according to Glamour. Initially, Nina starts by taking control of superfan Sarah’s phone and posting a cute pic she had found in Sarah’s camera roll to her Instagram account. Nina then tagged herself in the newly posted pic of Sarah so that all her fans could see.

However, she had apologized prior to that, saying that she was “gonna do some damage.”

Once the snap was posted, Nina used Sarah’s account to follow her own dog’s Instagram account.

After that, Nina was planning to take a selfie to post onto Sarah’s account but then got distracted while looking for the Huji app she prefers to use for taking pictures. After downloading the Huji app, Dobrev came across Sarah’s Snapchat account.

“I don’t have Snapchat,” Nina says.

“‘Cause I hear that this is for nudies, right? That’s what the app is for, is to send naked photos to people, correct?”

While not always the case, Snapchat can be used to send inappropriate photos that are then automatically deleted after a person views them.

However, Sarah didn’t have a chance to elaborate on her own personal Snapchat usage.

“Does your mom have Snapchat?” Nina asks.

Sarah confirmed her mother does have Snapchat. Nina responded by taking a cleavage shot of herself. Pulling her top down to reveal more cleavage than was on show at the time, Nina quickly takes a pic and sends it to Sarah’s mother.

“Your mom’s not gonna know who this is from,” Nina says as she sends the pic.

“I would love to know what her reaction is to this video,” Nina follows up.

Sarah then informs Nina that her mother might reply shortly to the cleavage shot, so Nina could find out anyway. Unfortunately, Sarah’s mom didn’t respond to the Snapchat image of Nina’s chest, so fans will never know what her reaction was.

Nina then goes on to finally use the Huji app she had purchased on Sarah’s behalf.

“Live from Sarah’s Instagram, she’s been hacked and she’s being such a good sport about it,” she says in the video.

You can view the full video of Nina hacking Sarah’s phone here.