Jennifer Garner May Have Won The '10-Year Challenge' With A Picture Of Her Ripped Panties

If you haven't been on Facebook in the last month, that's probably been the only way you have missed out on the viral "10-year challenge." The challenge has people posting a picture of how they look now and one of how they looked 10 years ago and seeing how things have changed. Virtually everyone has tried it out with some being better than others, but Jennifer Garner and her panties may have won the whole thing.

This is just another one of those fun trends that pick up steam, and before you know it, you're seeing it everywhere. The 10-year challenge's concept is pretty simple: to see how much we have all changed in the last decade.

A number of celebrities have chosen to take part in this challenge as it's all in fun even though some feel as if it is a conspiracy designed by Facebook. As reported by People, Jennifer Garner decided to join in on the craze, but she did it in quite hilarious fashion.

The 46-year-old mother of three thought it would be a good idea to have one photo showing her ripped panties from 10 years ago and a more recent pic of herself with a different look in 2019.

Both pictures appear to be paparazzi shots that showcase the actress in two completely different ways.

On the left is a shot that was caught, most likely without Garner's knowledge, of her wearing some pink panties with a big rip in them. The photographer just happened to catch her at a time when her pants were riding a little too low, and her underwear do have a big tear in them.

On the right is another shot of an unsuspecting Garner, but this time, she is facing the camera. She also is pulling up her leg warmers in what some may feel is a rather unflattering look for her.

While her light-hearted humor may not have changed a lot in the last 10 years, life certainly has for Jennifer Garner. She is no longer married to Ben Affleck after they revealed their separation in 2015 and their divorce was finalized in 2018, but she has found a new love in businessman John Miller.

The "10-year challenge" will likely fizzle out before too long and it will simply be one of those viral trends that caught on for a while. It's fun to see how much we've all changed in the last decade, and that is especially true when it's all for fun and not really a competition. Still, Jennifer Garner has upped the game with pics of her in ripped panties and leg warmers.