Mike Huckabee: ‘Obama Isn’t Catholic. He Can’t Be Pope, Too’

Mike Huckabee: 'Obama isn’t Catholic. He can’t be Pope, too.'

The Pope resigning had Mike Huckabee quipping that Barack Obama could not be the next pope since the President is not Catholic. This comment trailed the idea that perhaps the Catholic church should try choosing aPope that is not European.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are five Cardinals who seem to be the front runners for becoming the next pope. Many Catholics around the world decry the Vatican’s papal secrets and the over-representation of Europeans and Italians in the college of cardinals.

According to The Vancouver Sun, a new pope has not come from outside Europe in over 1,500 years, and more than 53 percent of the cardinals in the college continuing to come from Europe. That is the case even while Europe now has less than 24 percent of the world’s self-identified Catholics.

Mike Huckabee made this comment on his website and on his Facebook page:

“The news that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning this month set off the kind of wild press speculation about his successor that we usually only see when a longtime football coach or senator finally retires. Lobby groups have already sprung up to promote or denounce various candidates. For instance, some conservatives want Cardinal Timothy Dolan to become the first American Pope. Dolan’s an outspoken critic of Obamacare’s intrusions into religious freedom. But others criticize Dolan for supporting sainthood for Dorothy Day, the founder of the pacifist Catholic Workers’ movement who was accused of being pro-communist. Then there are lobbies that say Catholicism is losing ground in Europe and America, but it’s strong and growing in South America and Africa. So why not elect a Brazilian Pope, or a black Pope? Memo to MSNBC: I know what you’re all thinking, but Barack Obama isn’t Catholic. He can’t be Pope, too. Even if you do believe in his Divine infallibility.”

Jokes aside, would you welcome a North American Pope like Timothy Dolan or a black pope?