Amy Schumer Slams Fan Who Offers To Make Her Photo ‘Insta Ready’ Via The Magic Of Photoshop

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Amy Schumer doesn’t think that she needs any touch-ups and she doesn’t think anyone should be suggesting so, either.

As fans of the comedienne know, Schumer is never one to shy away from posting unflattering photos on Instagram. Whether it be a photo of her with her hair messed up or a snapshot of herself in a hospital bed, Schumer always keeps things real for her fans and that’s one of the reasons why she is so well-liked.

And if there’s one thing that Schumer doesn’t want to do, it’s give her fans a false impression of her looks on social media. According to BuzzFeed, the soon-to-be mom blasted an Instagram account that shared a photo of Amy that was edited. The account called Get Insta Ready, posted a photo of the actress and told followers that if they send direct messages with their photos, they can do what they did with Amy’s picture and make it “Insta ready,” aka photoshop it.

Once Amy caught wind of the post, she was sure to comment and let fans know her feelings on altering any photos just to go on social media.

“Woof this is not good for our culture,” Schumer wrote on the post. “I like how I look and don’t want to look like a carbon copy of this one type woman you feel is the best way to look.”

But even will all of the negativity that goes on on social media, Schumer still has a lot to be happy about. As the Inquisitr shared back in October, Schumer shocked fans by announcing that she was expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer. The actress enlisted the help of friend Jessica Yellin to announce the news on her Instagram story. Yellin is a good friend of Amy’s and is also the head of the organization News Not Noise.

“I wanted to share some news from our community, maybe it’s noise but it’s happy noise,” Yellin said in her Instagram story. “So I’m not in the business of making voting recommendations, but these are the recommendations of Amy Schumer, one of the most consistent and earliest supporters of News Not Noise. Now read all the way to the bottom, you’ll see there’s some news down there. Congratulations, Amy.”

In addition, the actress also shared a post on her actual Instagram account that directed fans to Yellin’s Instagram page. The photo earned a lot of love from Schumer’s followers with over 192,000 likes in addition to 4,000 plus comments, most who were Schumer’s fans sending their well-wishes.