‘John Wick 3’ Trailer Sees Keanu Reeves On The Run With A $14 Million Bounty On His Head

Jason MerrittGetty Images

After much anticipation — and plenty of teasing on social media — the newest, full-length trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum has been released, as reported by Polygon.

Earlier this week, distributor Lionsgate teased series fans with a Twitter post, one which showed the titular assassin in front of a glass door to the Continental Hotel. For those who need a refresher, The Continental is an in-universe hotel located in New York City. It is a common hangout spot for hitmen and assassins, and the hotel follows some very strict rules. Specifically, no business — that is, fighting, or assassinating other hitmen — is allowed on the hotel premises, making it a neutral territory of sorts. The hotel can also supply body armor, weapons, and ammo to its clients.

In the series’ newest film, John Wick has been banished from the hotel, which explains the composition of the recently released poster.

Following the events of John Wick: Chapter 2, John now finds himself with a $14 million bounty on his head after having murdered a high-ranking crime lord. The movie’s official plot synopsis teases Wick’s struggle to safely make his way out of the city.

“Still on the run following his assassination of a member of the High Table in The Continental, and with a $14 million global contract on him, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is excommunicated from every Continental service, which forces him to fight his way out of New York City with the help of a hitwoman (Halle Berry) who still believes in his trust,” the synopsis details.

The first film, simply titled John Wick, focuses on retired hitman John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves. Following the death of his wife, John receives a beagle puppy, which helps him cope with the loss of his loved one. After a run-in with a few Russian gangsters, Wick is attacked — and awakens to find his car stolen, and his puppy killed — kicking off an action-packed tale of revenge.

Filmed on a modest budget of approximately $20 to $30 million, John Wick received praise from fans and critics alike, and the movie went on to gross nearly $90 million at the box office. This paved the way for a sequel, which went on to gross over $170 million against a $40 million budget.

John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum is set to release on May 17. Keanu Reeves will be reprising his role as the eponymous hitman, and will star opposite Halle Berry — who will be playing Sofia, an assassin and a friend to John.