Beyoncé Bemoans Lack Of Female Music Moguls, Like A Boss

Beyonce Calls For More Female Music Moguls In The Music Industry

Beyoncé has landed the cover of The Gentlewoman’s Spring-Summer 2013 issue.

So what, some might say, while pointing to the fact that the ubiquitous star has already covered GQ magazine and Vogue this year.

But The Gentlewoman isn’t just any magazine. It only runs two issues a year and is known for its pushing envelope style and witty critiques. Just Jared notes that the last time it ran a cover with a mainstream star was two years ago with Brit singer Adele.

Fittingly, then, Beyoncé’s sit-down with Gentlewoman, strays noticeably from the “I get scared just like everyone else”/cracks in the armor narratives in her recent interviews.

Blasting the lack of powerful women within the music industry, the 31-year-old declared:

“I’m controlling my content, controlling my brand and archiving it for my daughter and making sure she has it and she respects it but there’s not enough of us that become moguls.”

“And I think there are many ways to get there,” adds the singer.

Beyonce Calls For More Female Music Moguls In The Music Industry

Beyoncé, who has been guiding her stellar career since 2011 after firing her previous manager, father Mathew Knowles, has sold 75 million albums and is reportedly worth more than $300 million.

In other words, she knows of what she speaks.

Revealing a little of the behind the scenes stuff that went on when she and her team moved into the new building of her management and entertainment company — Parkwood Entertainment — in New York, the mother of one said:

“I just have memories of when there was no air conditioning in the new building and we didn’t have an office. It was like camping.”

Notwithstanding recent world-straddling moments like President Barack Obama’s inauguration and the Super Bowl, the “Crazy in Love” singer is heading into yet another intensive weekend.

Oprah’s Next Chapter featuring Beyoncé is set to air at 8 pm ET on OWN this Saturday, followed by her co-directed documentary Life is But a Dream which airs on HBO at 9 pm ET.

And if all of that isn’t enough, the busy mogul is set to perform at UK music award show — the Brits — on February 20.

As reported, rumors that Beyoncé could be joining Justin Timberlake at an intimate London show on March 31 also show no signs of subsiding just yet.

Do you think Bey has a point, do more women need to own their own brand in music? And if they did, how do you think it would change the industry?