Meghan Markle’s Animal Shelter Visit Sparks Dozens Of Calls To Adopt Minnie The Jack Russell Terrier

Eddie MulhollandGetty Images

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle got her fair share of puppy love this week when she visited The Mayhew Animal Shelter, another one of her royal patronages. Her visit has since sparked an onslaught of inquiries to adopt the pups that she met.

In particular, as the Daily Mail reported, a Jack Russell Terrier named Minnie — a dog which spent ample time with the duchess during her visit, and even scored a few photos with the royal — has quickly become the shelter’s most popular resident. Dozens of calls have apparently been made to the charity showing interest in the dog.

Meghan Markle was introduced to the young canine when she visited the London animal shelter on Wednesday, January 16. She quickly fell in love with the pup, one which had just gone up for adoption that very same day.

According to a Mayhew spokesperson, the duchess commented that she would have loved to bring Minnie home, but could not at the time because “she’s got a lot on her hands with the new baby coming soon.” Markle is currently six months pregnant with her and Prince Harry’s first child.

But just because Markle wasn’t able to adopt the dog — who is described as sweet, cuddly, and a little bit shy — it doesn’t mean that the animal’s hopes for a forever home has been dashed.

The charity’s spokesperson told the Daily Mail that her photo-op with the duchess had the phones ringing within minutes of having been shared online — a phenomenon frequently referred to as the “Meghan effect.”

“We’ve had phone calls and emails ever since yesterday afternoon so she’s gaining a lot of interest. I would guess up to one hundred,” the spokesperson said, who also shared that the Jack Russell is currently the shelter’s “most popular dog.”

The shelter’s insider also noted that Meghan Markle’s visit has raised awareness about the Mayhew in general, as well.

Minnie would have joined two other pups already living with Meghan and Prince Harry, had the duchess been able to take her home. The former actress had two rescue dogs, a beagle named Guy — and Bogart, a Labrador-shepherd mix — when she lived in Toronto.

Bogart was unfortunately too old to travel and had to stay behind with friends, but Guy has traveled to the U.K. with Meghan when she made the move — and has even been spotted riding around with the queen. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also adopted a black lab named Oz shortly after they married in May of 2018.