Javi Marroquin And Jeremy Calvert React To The Shocking ‘Abuse’ Images Nathan Griffith Shared Of Son Kaiser

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Javi Marroquin and Jeremy Calvert are absolutely horrified by the photos which Nathan Griffith recently shared of his four-year-old son, Kaiser, on Twitter.

After the ex boyfriend of Jenelle Evans slammed Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, for being “violent” with his son on Teen Mom 2 — and shared images of his alleged abuse — co-stars Marroquin and Calvert spoke out on Twitter.

“Bro I’d for sure be in f**king jail at this point,” Calvert replied after seeing Griffith’s upsetting post.

In Griffith’s Twitter post, three images of Kaiser’s allegedly reddened backside were seen.

After seeing the purported images of Kaiser himself — Marroquin, the ex-husband of Kailyn Lowry — seemed to agree with Calvert’s reaction, writing, “facts.”

“I’m just curious how bad it has to get before someone steps in and puts a end to alot of bullsh*t the kids see and go through,” Calvert then wrote.

Calvert, the ex-husband of Leah Messer, is clearly concerned about Kaiser — and so are many Teen Mom 2 fans. As viewers will recall, Eason has been seen acting very aggressively towards Kaiser on the show, and at one point, after being dragged out of the camera’s view, he was heard yelling, “No David, no!”

Kaiser was also seen being dragged across Evans and Eason’s backyard, after being denied food, as they tended to their engagement photo-shoot.

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In addition to his comment about the photos of Kaiser, Javi Marroquin also shared a link to an article — from the Hollywood Gossip, via Twitter — about the photos. The article in question claimed that these photos were shared as proof of David Eason’s potential abuse. Marroquin also shared another negative article about Eason, via Twitter and from the same source, which accused Jenelle Evans’ husband of allegedly pulling a gun on an elderly woman.

In July of last year, Nathan Griffith took a stand against Evans and Eason — and, after seeing the markings on his son, he refused to allow them to have him back. However, after the couple was investigated for child abuse, Kaiser was ultimately returned to their North Carolina home.

During a 911 call, Griffith said he was keeping Kaiser from Evans and Eason due to the marks he found on the child.

“I received my child and he has marks all over him,” Griffith explained to the operator, via Radar Online. “I have pictures from the day I picked him up from yesterday… there is bruising now.”

According to Griffith, he discovered the marks while cleaning his son.

“That’s when we saw the marks,” he revealed. “We asked him about it and he said David hit him with a stick.”

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