Tristan Rogers Returns To 'General Hospital,' Robert Scorpio Back For New Mystery

Kim Brandow

Good news for Robert Scorpio fans as Tristan Rogers will be returning to General Hospital this month. The WSB agent is known for popping in and out of Port Charles whenever his services are needed or when there is a family emergency happening. It looks like his return on January 25 could be a mixture of both.

She Knows Soaps confirmed the news that Tristan Rogers will indeed be coming back and it has to do with Anna Devane's mysterious illness that made her go blind for a couple of days. Robert's ex has a new man in her life, but he is super close with Anna. They have been colleagues and best friends for a long time. In fact, they are still considered family despite their break up many years ago. He would do pretty much anything for her and vice versa. When he learns that Anna is in trouble and she needs help figuring out how she contracted this mysterious disease, Robert will be back in Port Charles for support and to get to the bottom of this.

Scorpio has been off trying to track down the person who kidnapped Cassandra Pierce. It looks like he hasn't had any luck finding her, but this could very well tie into this mystery involving Anna. When we last saw Cassandra, there was a hint of her kidnapper's identity and it points to a Cassadine. The ring with the family emblem on it was a strong indicator that a Cassadine return is at hand.

General Hospital fans are waiting anxiously to see who it could be. Their hope is that it's either Stefan or Nicholas Cassadine who is coming back, What does this have to do with Anna's recent health crisis? Although there is no confirmation that her illness and Casandra's disappearance are related in any way, it does seem too coincidental.

If anyone can crack a case, it's Robert Scorpio. If he happens to spend any time with "Kevin Collins" when he comes back to town, maybe his spy instincts will kick into high gear and figure out it's Ryan Chamberlain. You just never know. Keep tuned in to General Hospital to see Tristan Rogers' return at the end of the month.