‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Demands Thomas Ravenel Answer Probing Questions Under Oath

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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has decided to push back against her ex, Thomas Ravenel, in court instead of in the press, and new court documents list a number of questions that Dennis wants to ask the former politician under oath in advance in their custody battle in advance of his sexual assault trial.

Thomas Ravenel who was let go from the popular Bravo show at the end of last season just prior to the cast reunion made a number of accusations last week which Dennis labeled “bizarre” in advance of a hearing in family court in Charleston. But now, Dennis’ lawyer, Alexander Cash has filed new documents with the court which have a number of questions for Ravenel that they want him to answer under oath, according to The Blast.

Last week Ravenel, a former politician who did 10 months in prison for cocaine distribution, shared a video of a fender bender Dennis had in the parking lot of her apartment complex with a neighbor’s car. But the plan backfired, and now Ravenel will have to answer questions about who took that video under oath.

Dennis says that over the years, the former Southern Charm cast member has hired a team of private investigators to watch and follow her, sometimes around the clock, putting trackers on her vehicle in order to know her whereabouts.

One of the private investigators is David Leaird, Dennis’ cousin who happens to be married to Ravenel’s former fiancee Candace Yearwood (known to fans of Southern Charm as Ravenel’s “drink cart girl” who he claims to have jilted just before their wedding), according to the Inquisitr.

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Alexander Cash also wants to ask Ravenel questions about drug use and mental health diagnoses that he’s had over the last 10 years, and psychiatric medications he’s been prescribed. Dennis says she wants to know if the father of her two children has ever been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Dennis also wants Ravenel to answer questions under oath about a party he had in his former downtown home where psychedelic mushrooms were allegedly used by guests.

“What date was it when you threw a party in your home downtown with illegal drugs present and you informed fellow party participants while standing in the bathroom that mushrooms don’t show up on drug screens?”

Ravenel does not want to answer the questions and wants the judge to rule that he doesn’t have to fulfill Dennis’ list of demands. Ravenel says that his ex is just trying to embarrass him, but she alleges that she has every right, considering she filed for custody of their children after he was indicted on charges that he assaulted the family nanny.

Thomas Ravenel is expected to stand trial for the assault of Nanny Dawn in the spring.