Robin McKinley Weight Loss Photos: ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Appearance Sparks Major Changes For Robin And Family


Robin McKinley came to My 600-LB Life in need of help not just for herself, but her entire family.

After having already lost one sister to illness and with her nephew Garrett and brother Chris both suffering from morbid obesity, Robin came to My 600-LB Life hoping to see some major changes for the entire family. While Robin was the feature of the episode, both Garrett and Chris saw some major screen time as viewers saw their intertwined stories.

There appears to be a happy update for the family. In the months since the morbidly obese family members appeared on the TLC docu-series, it seems that they have made some major steps to weight loss and given an encouraging update to fans of the series. While the 40-year-old once tipped the scales at 648 pounds, her Facebook page shows that she seems to be losing weight and has a more positive outlook on life now.

Robin has posted some selfies from her weight-loss journey since appearing on My 600-LB Life, which left her with some major changes to her life. While on the show, Robin committed to an entirely new diet regimen and a lifestyle that turned her away from dangerous vices like smoking and overeating.

It was not an easy journey for Robin or for the rest of the family. Chris had originally planned to travel to Houston along with Robin for treatment, but suffered a heart attack and was unable to travel with her. That was a major wakeup call to Chris’s son, Garrett, who already topped 600 pounds at the age of 20. While many of those featured on My 600-LB Life have complicated relationships that contribute to their dangerous weight gain and addictions to food, Garrett was seen as a calming and encouraging presence for Robin during the episode.

“I’m excited for you to be getting the help you need and I’m excited that I get to go with you,” he told her during the painful journey to Houston.

As Distractify reported, Robin McKinley has made some major changes after appearing on My 600-LB Life and looks to be losing weight. She committed to a 1,200-calorie diet and cut out sugary foods, which would be an enormous change from how she had been living before. She has shared her journey on Facebook., showing off pictures of her new and healthier self. Chris has reportedly committed to making changes as well and is raising money to relocate to Houston for his own treatment.