Duggar Girls Jinger, Joy, Jessa, and Jana Promote Healthy Eating In Their Own Unique Ways

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It looks like the Duggar girls are getting into the health craze just like everyone else to start off the new year right. Sisters Joy Anna Forsyth, Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, and Jana Duggar have taken to social media to promote their own different ways of healthy eating.

First off, Joy had a series of three short videos on Instagram recently talking about a health plan that she has been following. She admitted that she lost all of her baby weight during the first week on the program. By staying on the diet plan, she said that she is now down to her pre-wedding weight as well. The 21-year-old mom talked on how easy it is to follow the program and how it has helped her get healthy after baby No. 1.

Gideon is almost a year old now, but Joy didn’t indicate exactly how long she has been working at it or when she started the plan. What is known from watching the video is that there is apparently a health coach who tailors a program for each individual. The Duggar daughter even gave out her email address for anyone who is interested in talking to a coach.

The Daily Mail has a little more insight into this diet program Joy is promoting. According to the site, it’s called Optavia and the health coach that Joy is talking about is actually Austin’s sister’s mother-in-law. It looks like she is just helping her out since she commented that she was not getting any money for the promotion, but it does look like Joy has been losing weight through the program.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has also promoted a healthy eating site called Thrive as an Instagram story. She explained that she and Jeremy are endeavoring to eat better, so they started shopping at this online market place that delivers various organic and healthy products to your door.

Sisters Jessa and Jana Duggar were a little more subtle in their attempts to share some of their healthy eating habits. It wasn’t actually Jessa who was eating healthy but her two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. They are seen in a video clip that she shared of them eagerly munching on some dried seaweed. Husband Ben Seewald took the video of the little guys enjoying their snack. According to their daddy, this is their favorite. It sure appeared to be as they are both shoving it in their mouths as fast as they can. Jessa indicated that she hasn’t yet joined the seaweed club.

Jana Duggar is known for doing plenty of cooking and baking for the entire family. Now that she has joined Instagram recently, she is starting to share some recipes for fans to enjoy. She posted one for healthy whole wheat bread that she made up in small individual loaves for the Duggar clan. She is also known for her gardening skills, so she appears to love having fresh vegetables to cook as well.

The Duggar girls seem to be sharing their healthy living tips all at once. Will Jill Dillard get on the health bandwagon like her sisters? She shares plenty of recipes, but many complain that they are very unhealthy since canned goods are used frequently.