‘Maxim’ Model Natalie Roser Cools Down In Her Bikini With The Help Of A Shower Head

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Maxim model Natalie Roser works hard to get her bikini-body ready for all the centerfolds and photo shoots she has to endure. Yesterday, the Australian beauty shared one of her techniques, one which she uses post-workout to help her cool down. The Instagram photo that she shared proves that you don’t need expensive equipment or masseurs at your disposal if you need to ease stiff muscles. Simply step into the shower, and use the shower head to dissipate the tension.

If Roser’s goals for 2019 included setting her social media pages alight, she is certainly right on the mark. The blue-eyed beauty shared a picture of herself where she is wearing the tiniest of bikinis. The teeny black contraption clings to her cleavage as she exposes a generous amount of side-boob. The bikini bottom shows that the model is wearing a thong, one which shows off her voluptuous derriere.

The former Miss Universe Australia contestant revealed her steamy side as she posed in the shower with a pair of chandelier earrings. She clearly defined her eyes, mouth, and cheekbones with makeup — which enhanced her magnificent features.

Roser held the shower head over her chest area, and looked towards the camera in a provocative pose. With her lips in a slightly parted pout, and her eyes smoldering sweet nothings, there can be little doubt as to why she is one of the hottest bikini and lingerie models in the world.

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Post beach run cool-down ????

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Roser has amassed over 1 million followers who love to keep up to date with the fashion model’s antics. She frequently offers her fans an inside-peek into her life — and she’s not shy about posting revealing shots of herself, either. She shares information about her diet, her exercise routine, and even her battle with scoliosis. Roser recently also posted risqué naked photos of herself and three other models as they posed on the beach, which was an instant hit with her fans.

Her most recent offering, one which she captioned “Post beach run cool-down,” is proving to be very popular with her fans. It has already garnered nearly 30,000 likes, with a myriad of followers also commenting on the photo. The majority of her followers were impressed with the blonde’s beauty, and showered her with compliments.

One fan commented, “@natalie_roser your body is just amazing!” while another noted, “You’re so charming, inspiring absolutely beautiful.”

A couple of years ago, the Daily Mail reported that she used to be the target of school bullies who teased her about her height. Thankfully, she realized that her height could be used to her advantage.

“I never saw my height as a positive thing until I started working and I noticed that I was taller than most of the other models and the clients liked that.”