Amber Rose Opens Up About Trying To Sell Drugs Before She Got Famous

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Amber Rose tackled some tough topics in a recent interview. The model, 35, appeared on The Red Pill podcast and opened up about her past struggles — including a short-lived stint in the world of drugs.

Growing up in a tough neighborhood, Rose’s family struggled to make ends meet. In order to help earn extra money, the young Rose thought up a risky solution: selling drugs for local dealers. According to Just Jared, this is a topic that Rose has never discussed publicly before, preferring to keep quiet about this particular part of her past.

“I usually don’t tell people this but I tried selling crack in my neighborhood,” Rose said during the interview. “I don’t really think people understand how ‘hood’ I grew up… My life has never been easy… [But] it did push me to that limit to go fend for my family.”

Although she started out with high hopes of bringing in the cash with this questionable solution to her financial problems, Rose quickly had to accept the fact that this life wasn’t for her. Part of the problem with her attempts to become a drug dealer, according to the model, was her striking looks. Dealers were worried such an attractive girl would bring in the wrong kind of attention.

“They said I was gonna get robbed, I was a girl and I was too pretty, and it wasn’t going to happen,” Rose explained. “It was a hard time in the beginning, and I became a stripper very young. I made that decision, nobody in my family put that on me.”

While Rose ultimately never became a drug dealer, she still remained a part of that world for some time. Rose even earned money weighing and bagging drugs for dealers before moving on to become a stripper.

Amber Rose has never been one to hide the ugly truth about aspects of her past, but on this particular topic, she chose to stay quiet for a very specific reason. Rose worried that in revealing her own history in drug dealing, she’d receive heavy criticism — criticism, she was quick to point out, that men in a similar position never experience. Rose went on to say that some rappers and performers are even celebrated for their past transgressions, while by and large women are vilified for the same behavior.

Rose is no stranger to using her celebrity status to raise awareness on equality and feminist issues. The model is also known for her contributions to SlutWalk, a transnational movement calling for the end of rape culture and the shaming of victims of sexual assault.