Controversial 'Scientology And The Aftermath' Episode Featuring Danny Masterson's Accusers To Air In February

A controversial episode of Scientology and the Aftermath featuring actor Danny Masterson's accusers will air in February, more than one year after it was pulled off the air by A&E due to an ongoing legal issue.

The Underground Bunker reported that the episode features women who have accused the former That '70s Show actor of sexual assault. Concerns by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office sparked the show's elimination from last season's episodes.

The Underground Bunker reported that the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating Masterson for allegations of rape.

Three accusers, all former Scientologists, had reportedly come forward to the LAPD in the fall of 2016. By April of 2017, the case was sent by the LAPD to the L.A. district attorney's office to consider filing charges, the website alleges.

Leah Remini and co-star Mike Rinder taped the episode for the second season of Scientology and the Aftermath, along with the actor's three accusers.

The Underground Bunker claims that the district attorney's office asked Remini and A&E not to broadcast the Masterson episode while they were still considering whether or not to charge the actor.

The network has reportedly decided to air the episode, even though the actor has not yet been formally charged. Whether or not charges will be levied against Masterson is still to be decided upon by District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

One of Masterson's accusers alleged to the Underground Bunker that Scientology's involvement in the matter was the reason for the delay.

The Underground Bunker alleges that Scientology "discouraged" one woman from reporting their allegations to the police by putting them through therapy, therapy which cost around $15,000, so that she could "discover acts she had committed in past lives to deserve being victimized in this one."

"I don't know how many times a victim can be victimized by Scientology and Scientologists," Leah Remini remarked to Tony Ortega, per the Underground Bunker.

"We held off from airing our show because we did not want to hurt an ongoing investigation and yet, we are now told that Jackie Lacey has everything she needs to move forward with charges and has failed to act. And all the while, our victims have been harassed and followed by private investigators, followed and harassed by Scientologists, their phones and computers hacked… while the DA and the LAPD do nothing," Remini said to Ortega.

In November of 2017, the Huffington Post reported that Masterson has denied that he engaged in any sexual misconduct.

The episode of A&E's Scientology and the Aftermath -- one featuring the women who allege that the actor sexually assaulted them -- will air on February 18.