Kirsten Dunst Wants Huge Pay Day To Consider ‘Bring It On’ Sequel, Per ‘Radar Online’

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Could she be T T Torrance! – the captain Torrance, once again?

Kirsten Dunst is reportedly contemplating doing a sequel of her hit 2000 film Bring It On. But according to Radar Online, it’s going to take a lot of cash to get the deal done. Currently, the actress is focusing on her new son Ennis, who she shares with husband Jesse Plemons. Since Ennis was born in May, Dunst has been focusing her time and energy on the baby and hasn’t been hitting the gym hard.

If Dunst were to sign on for the Bring It On sequel, she knows that it would require a lot of gym time for her, and a source tells Radar that she’s waiting to see what else she could get out of this potential deal.

“Kirsten’s stalling on the megabucks offer because it would involve a brutal body boot camp. She hasn’t totally lost all of the baby weight and she hasn’t been in a great rush to do so.”

“She loathes working out and has been enjoying a laid-back, mostly full-time mom lifestyle,” the source continues.

The same insider goes on to share that even though Kirsten hasn’t said “yes” to the sequel just yet, she also has yet to say “no.” However, it will take a lot of cash to get Dunst back on the treadmill.

Though she has not been super active on social media as of late, Dunst has taken the opportunity to share a few funny posts with her 1 million-plus followers. Earlier this year, Dunst delighted fans with a funny screenshot from the Emmys. In the post, the actress and her husband can be seen in the background of the awards show but unlike the other celebrities, they aren’t seated.

In the caption of the image, Kirsten tells fans that she and her husband Jessie couldn’t find their seats so, in the picture, they just kneel down in the aisle and smile.

“Couldn’t find our seats,” she captioned in the image.

The silly photo earned Dunst a ton of attention from her fans with over 96,000 likes in addition to 920-plus comments. Some fans commented on the image to thank Dunst for having a sense of humor while countless others said they love her and her husband. A few other fans asked her to make sequels of some of her previous films.

“Comeback [sic] to Spiderman Mary Jane Watson & Peter Parker.”

“I’d love to hear you sing again,” another chimed in.

Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before another Bring It On sequel does happen.