‘B&B’ Spoilers: Katie Invites Bill For Dinner

Angela WeissGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) may feel slighted when his wife insists that they invite a certain guest to stay for dinner. Although Thorne is not Will’s biological father, he was hoping that he would be the father figure in his stepson’s life. However, it seems increasingly evident that Thorne’s plans for his future may never materialize.

Not too long ago, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Katie Logan Forrester (Heather Tom) were battling for custody of Will. Katie had even gotten married just before the court proceedings to strengthen her case that she could provide Will with a stable family environment, unlike Bill who hopped from one woman to another. At the time, she and Thorne were adamant that they were not getting married for the sole sake of the custody case, and that they were tying the knot because they were in love.

However, the situation has radically changed since the court case. Bill has stepped up in his role as Will’s father. He schedules regular time for him, and even if Will needs him unexpectedly, he has made time for his boy. This has irked both Thorne and Ridge who believe that Bill has not really changed at his core.

Somebody who does believe that Bill has changed for the better is Katie. She has seen how her son has come around to his dad. Where he was once aloof during his visits with his dad, he now looks forward to spending time with him. Inquisitr shared that Bill was suitably impressed when Will proved that he has his father’s gift of turning a profit.

Katie notices the change in Bill, and per Highlight Hollywood, and would like to invite him to stay for dinner. The only problem is that Thorne is not keen on Bill spending unnecessary time at his house. Eventually, Thorne will relent and they will all spend time with Will.

Bold and the Beautiful fans will remember that earlier this week, Will asked Katie if she still loved Bill. Does the little boy have fantasies of his mother and his father getting back together again? One thing is for sure, and that is that Thorne has noticed the shift in Katie’s attitude towards her ex-husband.

Thorne will feel sidelined during the family dinner when he watches Katie, Bill, and Will bond. Luckily, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) will be right there to cheer him up. However, the seeds of doubt seem to have been sown, and it is a matter of time before Thorne voices his concerns.