‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Is Ready To ‘Let The End Of His Life Begin’

Craig SjodinABC Press

Oscar Nero is dying on ABC’s General Hospital, and it looks like he is ready to live his life to the fullest until his time is up. Tuesday’s show was full of heartbreak and tears. Whether you are a fan of this teenager or not, you have to feel bad for him and his family having to go through it. Childhood cancer is devastating, but the soap is tackling this tough subject head on.

Oscar and Kim met with Terry to discuss what to expect in the coming weeks. Oscar had plenty of questions and the heartbreaking answers left him reeling. Terry told him that he would have between six weeks to about eight months to live. Viewers have questioned why Drew wasn’t at this important meeting to support his son, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Kim does give Drew a call sometime next week.

That spoiler certainly doesn’t seem very relevant. However, it could be that Drew goes missing for a bit to deal with his emotions and Kim is trying to locate him. Or it may be that Oscar’s health will start to deteriorate already.

Tuesday was full of bad news for Oscar, and also for Cameron, who didn’t know the true prognosis until Josslyn let him in on the truth that his BFF is dying. Cam and Joss spent some time consoling each other in the hospital chapel. Joss also learned what Cam tried to do for Oscar, which led him to be on probation for trying to buy pot to help Oscar get through his treatments.

Now Oscar will be spending his last days with Joss doing things that they have planned for the next few weeks. He told her at the end of Tuesday’s show, “Let the end of my life begin.”

While some General Hospital viewers are not big fans of this teen character, it doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking to watch it. Others are hoping that there will be some type of miracle that will save him. This storyline has been compared to the Robin Scorpio and Stone Cates story that has been etched in the minds of longtime viewers. There may still be a glimmer of hope that Oscar’s diagnosis will change somehow.

More spoilers suggest that Drew will be facing some kind of difficult choice in the coming weeks. Many are wondering if this pertains to his son possibly having to take him off life support. However, it doesn’t mention Kim at this point, so it could always be something else entirely different.

Keep watching General Hospital to see if Oscar’s days are numbered or if the writers will come up with a miracle for the teen at the last minute.