Prince Harry ‘Worried’ Meghan Markle Will ‘Suffer’ The Same Way As Princess Diana, Alleges ‘Express’

Charlotte GrahamWPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince Harry is allegedly “worried” that his wife Meghan Markle will endure the same harsh scrutiny that afflicted his mother Princess Diana as Markle continues to adjust to living under a public microscope, alleges a new report by Express.

Royal commentator Angela Mollard suggested during an appearance on Australia’s The Morning Show that the “honeymoon period” for the royal couple could soon be over as well, moving them out of the romantic phase of their relationship and into a more concrete, day-to-day life with many new responsibilities.

The prince allegedly has concerns that Markle has struggled to ease into her new role as duchess and is reportedly worried she will experience the same treatment his late mother Princess Diana had to endure once she married into the House of Windsor, per Express.

Mollard suggested the feelings of “misery” that have been widely reported regarding the duchess’s transition into royal life could be a result of the stressful period she is going through as she prepares for motherhood and for changes in her relationship with husband Harry.

Mollard told The Morning Show “Their honeymoon period has to be over. These two, in July, will have known each other for three years.”

“We know from relationship counselors, as you get into the three-year period of the relationship, it doesn’t so much as get boring but it gets real. The state of being in love and infatuation dissipates after three years. It remains to be seen with these two,” she continued.

Mollard then reflected on the massive changes Markle has made to remain committed to her prince, including a permanent move from the United States to Great Britain, leaving family, friends and a growing career behind, becoming pregnant quickly, and the growing stress that continues from members of her immediate family which include her half-sister Samantha Markle and her father Thomas Markle.

The Markles continue to air her dirty laundry in the British press in a dedicated smear campaign.

“There are so many stress factors, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had feelings of misery. Harry apparently feels very guilty about the fact – really, it’s becoming a repeat of what his mum suffered,” Mollard noted in the Morning Show interview.

Mollard then explained, per the interview, that Prince Harry had been unable to protect his mother Princess Diana as a young boy from the onslaught of media attention and maintains that he will do his best to spare his wife any further stress as she prepares to give birth to the couple’s first child in April.

During their first joint public appearance in Birkenhead on January 14, the Duchess of Sussex confirmed she is six months pregnant.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in May.