Sara Sampaio Goes Nude & Covers Up With Sheets For 10-Year Challenge On Instagram

Eugene GologurskyGetty Images

Sara Sampaio took part in the popular 10-year challenge on social media by sharing two photos that are quite similar. The Instagram photo from a decade ago shows Sara posing with her back to the camera, as she went nude and covered up with a white comforter. Her hair was fairly long then, and she put her left hand on her head. She looked over her right shoulder and gave a moody look to the camera. The newer photo from recently shows Sampaio in a similar pose except mirrored, as she sat on the ground in front of a hotel window that overlooked the ocean. She was nude in the second photo also, as she covered up in a white comforter with her back to the camera. She looked over her left shoulder, and placed her right hand on her head. Fans let her know that they loved the photos.

Currently, the model is in Miami, Florida, for the Victoria’s Secret swimwear shoot. Sara gave fans a sneak peek into the shoot by sharing a selfie of herself wearing a graffiti-inspired bikini top while wearing her hair in tight curls.

Sampaio certainly looks great in both photos, and fans might be interested to know her beauty secrets. The model previously told the Beauty Crew about her workout and night-time routines.

“I workout generally five times a week doing SLT (strengthen, lengthen and tone). In the lead-up to the show, all my workouts are intense. Anything high intensity that makes you sweat lots, so you know you’ve really had a workout.”

And at night, Sara said that “I like to zone out and will light a candle and read. I mean, it’s different every night! I like doing a face mask, and another ritual in general is getting 10 hours sleep!” Many models note that getting a lot of sleep is vital to looking great, and it looks like Sara is a firm believer in that.

Additionally, she noted that the skincare item she uses before going to sleep is “Moroccanoil Night Body Serum, it really hydrates and firms the skin.” The serum costs $62.00 a bottle, and includes ingredients like organ oil, tsubaki oil, and Holy Basil. Users say that the serum helps make their skin more hydrated and softer. Not to mention, it was featured in The Oprah Magazine’s Fall Beauty O-Wards of 2018.