‘The View’ Breaks Out In Verbal Brawl As Meghan McCain Rages Over Idea That All Republicans Are Racist

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images for Netflix

The View descended into a verbal brawl on Tuesday as Meghan McCain angrily pushed back against the idea that all Republicans who support Donald Trump’s border wall are racist, even invoking her father’s memory to defend herself.

Though McCain is a frequent critic of the president, following in the footsteps of her father, late Senator John McCain, she stood up for those who back Trump’s demand for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday. As Raw Story reported, McCain pushed back angrily after Sonny Hostin said she couldn’t say that the 42 percent of Americans who back Trump’s border wall was racist or not.

McCain said that she had a problem with “identity politics” where all members of one group were painted with a broad brush.

“When you broad-stroke everyone, all black people think one thing, all Republicans think one thing. That’s how we got ourselves into this mess. I’m one of the people that would like to help pull ourselves out of it,” McCain said.

When Hostin insisted that she couldn’t tell if all the border wall supporters were racist or not, the table erupted into what the news outlet described as a verbal brawl. McCain even invoked the memory of her father in saying that she could not be racist.

The argument originally started during a discussion over Republican Congressman Steve King, who made a remark last week that appeared to defend white supremacy. King has a long history of making racially charged comments that defend “western civilization” and decry multiculturalism, matching the rhetoric used by white supremacist groups.

After his statements last week, many have called on King to resign his position, though he has insisted that his comments were taken out of context and released statements disavowing white supremacy.

As the New York Times reported, King has already faced a strong backlash and was removed from all of the House committees on which he had a seat.

This was not the only time that The View grew tense over a political story. As Good Housekeeping noted, Meghan McCain got in some trouble with producers on Friday after she repeatedly said that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was a “jacka**.” After using the word a number of times, McCain informed the audience that reporters were in her ear telling her that she could not use the word. But McCain stood her ground, saying, “I’m sorry, don’t censor us and what we’re allowed to say about a guy like Michael Cohen, who is about to rot in jail.”