Kevin Spacey’s Manager’s Ex Doesn’t Want The Actor Near Their Young Kids

Alex GoodlettGetty Images

Kevin Spacey’s manager and sometimes roommate Evan Lowenstein is being taken back to court by his former wife to keep the House of Cards actor away from their four children. Kassini Lowenstein is looking to modify her divorce agreement with Spacey’s manager in order to protect her children.

The Daily Mail reports that the ex-wife of the former boy band member, has filed documents with a Florida judge because she doesn’t want their four kids to “interact” with the actor.

Evan Lowenstein, who manages Spacey and escorted him to court earlier this month in Martha’s Vineyard, is supposed to have his children — Ayla, 15; Kole, 13; Sheyn, 10; and 7-year-old Liam — every third weekend and on Jewish holidays, but he is being taken back to court due to his affiliation with the embattled actor who has been out of work for the last year.

Ms. Lowenstein’s documents indicate that she tried to work things out without going to court.

“The former husband works with Kevin Spacey. However, given the recent allegations, the former wife asked that the former husband not allow the minor children to interact with him (Spacey). The former husband has refused.”

Kassini Lowenstein’s petition continues to detail the allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey, which is mostly said to be with young boys. She says that Evan Lowenstein has no other clients, and the two men are living under the same roof in Baltimore at this time. Lowenstein says that her former husband is expected to be a witness for the defense if Spacey’s case in Massachusetts goes to trial.

She added that her ex-husband pays more attention to Spacey’s needs than the needs of their children, and says he has neglected his parental duties.

“‘Since the date of the final judgment,’ the petition reads, ‘the former husband has failed to exercise any parental responsibility regarding health care and educational decisions.'”

The Inquisitr reported that Spacey’s manager is believed to be the person behind the video that the actor filmed in the personage of his character from House of Cards called “Let Frank Be Frank.”

People watching the video were able to identify the condominium as luxury apartments in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. It was later revealed that Spacey and Lowenstein had been laying low in Baltimore for months after Spacey was fired from the cast of House of Cards, which is filmed in Maryland.