Burger King Trolls Donald Trump Over Fast Food ‘Hamberder’ Tweet

Chris KleponisGetty Images

A spelling mistake made on Twitter can quickly go viral — especially when it’s made by Donald Trump. On Tuesday morning, the president posted a tweet in which he incorrectly wrote the word “hamburgers” as “hamberders.” The error quickly went viral, and certain fast food franchises were quick to jump on the joking bandwagon.

On Monday evening, Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers football team at the White House. Food and drink were served from a selection of fast food spots, including Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. By Tuesday morning, Trump had taken to Twitter to talk about the event — but the results weren’t quite what he expected.

“Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House,” Trump wrote. “Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!”

It didn’t take long for the president’s mistake to go viral, with countless Twitter users cracking jokes — including some big names in the fast food industry.

Burger King wasted no time addressing the issue, sharing a tweet Tuesday morning that played on Trump’s confusing spelling error.

“Due to a large order placed yesterday, we’re all out of hamberders,” the account wrote. “Just serving hamburgers today.”

Although Trump quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with one with the correct spelling, the damage had already been done. The phrase “hamberders” went viral, joining “covfefe” in the pantheon of Trump Twitter jokes.

And Trump’s fast food dinner is coming under fire for more than just his spelling errors. The president has received extensive criticism for lying about the number of hamburgers served during the dinner at the White House. Although he originally stated that there were 300 hamburgers on hand for the players, he later asserted that there were about 1,000.

Critics were quick to point out that by the president’s own count, the numbers just don’t add up. According to Sports Illustrated, if there really were 1,000 burgers and all of them were consumed during the dinner, it would average out to about 10 burgers per person — and that doesn’t include the French fries, salad, and pizza that were also available at the dinner.

Trump has not commented on either the “hamberder” incident or the changing number of hamburgers served. When the “hamberder” tweet was deleted and reposted with the correct spelling, the inflated number of burgers eaten remained the same.