Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Body Positivity After Having Two Children

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Chrissy Teigen is notorious for being very open about her postpartum body. She has shared images of her stretch marks and overall weight gain on social media — and has been candid about the changes she endured during pregnancy. On the surface, the former model appears to be very confident in her appearance. However, as she revealed to Good Housekeeping in an interview for the February issue, Teigen is still learning to love her body seven months after giving birth to her second child, Miles, with husband John Legend.

“Every morning when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, how did it get here? My baby was, like, four pounds and I gained, like, 60 pounds, and that seems off!’,” the 33-year-old chef said.

Despite her insecurities, Teigen knows how important it is for everyone to see the real her, so she is sure to be as blunt as possible when discussing postpartum life.

“I think, in a way, we’ve forgotten what a regular body looks like,” she continued. “There are people out there who are struggling and I’m struggling, and it’s OK to come to terms with that being OK, to realize that it’s gonna be a bit of a journey.”

Above all, Teigen noted that the key is being happy with herself, Entertainment Tonight reported. She understands that her body has changed — and that she is no longer a swimsuit model — but with those changes came a “relentless and amazing” little girl, Luna, and her “beautiful” baby boy, Miles. For that, Teigen is very happy.

There are, of course, days where the trolls on social media get her down — especially when she has had a rough day of no sleep from taking care of her children. However, she chooses these days to speak out against the critics.

“It’s just crazy how judgmental people can be,” Teigen noted.

The mother-of-two also opened up about how her eating and workout habits aren’t so much about losing weight as they are about keeping her in a good mood.

“I need to realize that if I put good things in my body, I’m probably going to have a better day the next day,” she continued.

In addition, Teigen revealed that Luna helps her to stay positive, according to People. The mother tends to be an introvert, but Luna brings out the silly personality that Teigen is otherwise anxious about letting the world see. At the end of the day, Teigen understands that she has to be herself.