Trump Supporters Are Furious Over Latest ‘Family Guy’ Episode Mocking The President


Family Guy is known for making offensive jokes that rile people up. There are plenty of homophobic jokes, plenty of mocking for people who put their faith in any kind of deity, some racist jokes thrown in there, and fun poked at almost every celebrity you could think of.

The latest episode aired on January 13 and has gotten on the nerves of Donald Trump supporters. As reported by Decider, the episode was set in Washington, D.C., with the Griffin family moving to the nation’s capital as patriarch Peter is appointed as the White House press secretary.

The segment saw them making fun of Trump, his oldest daughter Ivanka, wife Melania, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and real-life press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, among others.

It played on a number of controversies surrounding the president, but perhaps most controversial of all was a scene in which Meg, Peter’s daughter, is seen in the Oval Office with Trump and he sticks his (noticeably tiny) hand up her dress. When she looks horrified by his attempt to assault her, he responds with “Every president since Washington has done this.”

When Meg runs to her family to tell them what has happened, they refuse to believe that a president would assault their daughter, possibly like many Trump supporters. It’s only when Trump does so again in full view of them that they finally see the truth, and Peter jumps to his daughter’s defense.

“Mr. President, what would your third wife — the soft-core, girl-on-girl porn lady — think about this?” he asks. “Or the actual porn star your lawyer paid hush money to?”

Of course, the pair then end up in a fist fight reminiscent of the one Peter has been carrying on with the chicken at random intervals throughout the show.

Other moments see Trump’s hair being blown backward all but off his skull by static electricity, styling his hair in a cotton candy machine, Ivanka and Meg telling Tiffany Trump, the president’s youngest daughter, to shut up, and the president being compared to a large orange gourd.

Of course, on top of showcasing the worst of Trump, it also exaggerated other aspects of him. Aside from the tiny hands, animators also made sure to overemphasize the orangey-tones of his face.

While Trump’s critics thought the episode was hilarious, drawing on all the worst parts of the president throughout the 22 minutes, his supporters absolutely hated it, taking to social media site Twitter to blast the “liberal whine fest.”

“Last #FamilyGuy espisode [sic] I’ll ever watch. Don’t need to watch some spineless mindless lib Hollywood writer drone push their left wing political views when I’m just looking for some entertainment. Guess it’s just #SouthPark from now one [sic],” wrote one critic.

#FamilyGuy is exposing the Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood, they hate him so much that they’ll write an entire episode of garbage just to try to mock him nationally. Couple of good jokes thrown into an otherwise dumpster fire episode. Trump sucks blah blah get over it,” another added.

Trump critics were elated as they took to Twitter, lauding it as the most hilarious episode they’ve ever seen and waiting eagerly for Trump’s supporters — or “snowflakes,” as some called them — to flock to Twitter and complain.