Jayme Closs 911 Rescue Call Released, New Photos Of Teen And Details Of Case Emerge

Mark MakelaGetty Images

Additional details are emerging as the investigation continues into the case involving Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs and her apparent kidnapper, 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson. Jayme disappeared on October 15, after her parents were murdered, and she escaped captivity just days ago. She has since been reunited with her extended family. Patterson had his first appearance in court on Monday, and additional updates continue to come to light regarding exactly what transpired over the past three months.

Jake Thomas Patterson has been providing a great deal of information to authorities, admitting that he killed Denise and James Closs in October — and that he had held Jayme at his home until she escaped. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Patterson chose the girl after being stopped behind her school bus one day, and seeing her board the bus.

Patterson also noted that just seconds after he left the Closs house on that October night — with Jayme in the trunk — he pulled over for squad cars that were racing to the home. CNN now reports that the squad cars passed only one car that night – Patterson’s.

Three deputies were racing to the Closs home after a 911 call, and they reportedly passed an older maroon car. The car yielded as authorities rushed to the home, but at the time nobody realized how close they were to a recently-abducted Jayme.

Apparently, Patterson has also acknowledged that he had a loaded shotgun in the front seat with him at that time. He says that if the deputies had pulled over to question him, he probably would have shot at them.

New details are also emerging about just how the authorities were able to find Patterson so quickly after reuniting with Closs following her escape. The police were driving Jayme away from the neighborhood where she’d been found — and they saw a red car coming from the other direction.

Police asked Jayme if that was the suspect’s car, but she said she wasn’t sure. Officers ran the license plate and learned that it was registered to the same family as the man Closs had identified as her kidnapper. An officer kept an eye on the vehicle, and soon stopped it. At that point, Patterson said he knew why he was stopped — and said that he had done it.

In addition, authorities have released a recording of the 911 call made the day that Jayme escaped Patterson’s home. KARE11 shares a portion of the 30-minute call, one which covers the first few moments after Closs approached neighbors of the Patterson home and called for help.

The group noted that they were scared that Patterson might find them, and that they were “100 percent” certain that it was Jayme. Conversation could be heard in the background of the call, with the neighbors asking Jayme if she needed a blanket — and offering to hold on tight to her.

After being checked out at the hospital, Jayme was reunited last Friday with her aunt. The family has worked closely with a Facebook page called “Healing for Jayme Closs,” and they have shared a handful of pictures showing Jayme back with her loved ones and her dog, Molly.

The Facebook page has also shared stories of other missing children, hoping to help in those cases, and has shared details of various fundraisers designed to help Jayme and her aunt as they forge forward. This case has left a major impact on everybody who has followed it, and there are clearly more details yet to be revealed.

Obviously, Jayme Closs has a long road of recovery ahead after escaping Jake Thomas Patterson’s home. Luckily, it sounds as if she’s doing as well as could possibly be expected. Patterson is being held on $5 million bail, and has additional court appearances coming soon.