Mike Sorrentino Says 'Just Take Me To Jail' During Instagram Live Chat, Per 'Radar Online'

Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino turned himself in to authorities today, beginning an eight-month prison sentence for tax evasion.

He appeared on an Instagram Live chat that his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, streamed on the way to the federal corrections prison -- one which will be Sorrentino's home for nearly a year. Fans posted their well-wishes to the MTV reality star in real-time.

A somber Sorrentino was shown in the video, as reported by Radar Online, as he was en route to the facility. The prison in question is located in Orange County, New York, and is 123 miles from Sorrentino's Long Branch home -- about 2 hours and 20 minutes by car, reported NJ.com.

"Okay honey you're on," his wife said after she turned her phone camera towards her husband.

"You can stay on as long as you want. You should see all the messages people are sending," she said in a show of support for her new spouse. The couple married in November of 2018.

Sorrentino didn't seem ready to talk to his fans at first, choosing to look at his phone and enjoy his coffee.

He finally made a joke when a fan brought up Pesce's famous funfetti cake, the reality star's favorite treat.

Sorrentino finally cracked a joke to his wife by stating, "You're going to save a lot of money on food. That's all we spend our money on."

Pesce continued to read positive fan messages to her husband, who responded during the live video, "That's good. I want to put this behind me and move forward. The comeback is always greater than the setback."

"The Situation will reveal himself in 2019," he said to fans. "Currently under construction, but will be revealed. Under new management now."

When Lauren Sorrentino asked her husband if he wanted to say anything else on the video, he responded solemnly, "There is nothing more to say. Just take me to jail."

The Inquisitr previously reported that Sorrentino posted a mailing address for fans to write to him while he is away on his official Twitter account.

TMZ reported that the Jersey Shore star will serve eight months behind bars.

His attorney, Kristen Santillo, confirmed this fact.

The Inquisitr reported that Sorrentino will be serving his time in the prison's satellite prison camp, one which houses minimum-security offenders.

Sorrentino was sentenced for tax evasion charges on October 5, 2018. He will have 24 months of supervised release and 500 hours of community service when he's out. His brother Marc was sentenced to two years in prison.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will air with new episodes sometime in 2019.