Meghan Markle Shares Sweet Moment With Fellow Expectant Mother During Birkenhead Visit

Photo by Danny Lawson – WPA PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle found a friend during her visit to Birkenhead, England, on Monday. While the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry were in town to meet a few groups that support the local community, the couple stopped at a cafe that provides food at discounted prices for citizens in need. There, Meghan met Angel Midgely, a 23-year-old expectant mother to a baby girl. The two spent a bit of the afternoon chatting, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Meghan reportedly gifted a hamper full of baby clothes and toiletries to the lucky Midgely before they discussed their pregnancies.

“I would say that I would lift it for you but neither of us should be lifting right now,” Meghan joked.

Meghan also asked Midgely how far along she is in her pregnancy before following up with, “So soon! Doesn’t it fly by?”

Midgely did try to ask Meghan about the sex of her own baby, but Meghan reportedly said that she and Harry don’t know yet. It will be a surprise, apparently.

“Whichever way, we’ll be thrilled with the outcome,” she said.

Meghan did, however, reveal during her visit in Birkenhead that she is six months pregnant — and is due at the end of April or the beginning of May, according to Vanity Fair. Until Monday, it was only known that the Duchess of Sussex would have her baby in the spring of 2019.

Photos from the outing show Meghan wearing red and purple, a reported nod to the late Princess Diana — Harry’s mother — who favored a similar color scheme. She is seen cradling her pregnant stomach along with Midgely as the two women talk. Meghan Markle could also be seen chatting with other citizens.

Meghan and Harry also met with the manager of the cafe, Kay Penkethman, who reportedly offered Markle a cup of coffee. Meghan Markle has cut out coffee during her pregnancy, though, so the Duchess of Sussex asked for mint tea “or something herbal” instead.

In addition, she tried a slice of the cafe’s lemon drizzle cake and thought it was “delicious,” according to People.

Another attendee, Rebecca Blundell, shared that she was at the cafe with her daughters — Lily, 6, and Lottie, 2 — when Harry asked Lily how to spell her name.

“Meghan came up straight after and said that he’s going to be a fantastic dad,” Blundell said.

After meeting in the town square, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Tomorrow’s Women Wirral and Hive Wirral Youth Zone. Later this week, the couple will reportedly see a Cirque du Soleil performance.