‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Is Grilled By Jimmy Kimmel About His Virginity, Final Pick, & Quitting The Show

Rick RowellABC

The Bachelor star Colton Underwood appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show Monday and fans will not want to miss the highlights of the conversation between these two. Kimmel knows the show well and never hesitates to tease and grill the stars, and he’s always anxious to see if he can manage to unveil any spoilers by tripping up the leads. He certainly threw a lot of questions at Colton, but it looks like Underwood managed to hold his own.

During Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Colton Underwood faced a barrage of questions. Naturally, Kimmel couldn’t help but address the topic of Colton’s virginity first. As Jimmy noted, filming for Underwood’s season wrapped up just before Thanksgiving. Given that, Jimmy cracked, Colton might have given up his virginity months ago and may be practically an expert at intimacy at this point.

Colton laughed and just gave Jimmy an “I don’t know,” and Kimmel cracked up as he noted that it’d surely be something if Underwood truly “didn’t know.” The late-night host also joked that if the Bachelor star truly is still a virgin once this is all said and done, Underwood may as well forget it and never go down that road.

Kimmel asked if Underwood went to the fantasy suites, and Colton noted that the fantasy suite dates were the most pivotal dates of the season. Considering the Bachelor spoilers that are swirling around thanks to gossip king Reality Steve and the Inquisitr, it’s easy to see why Underwood would say that.

During their chat, Colton noted that the microphones are taken off of the contestants once they are in the fantasy suites. However, Underwood acknowledged that he did search the rooms to make sure there were no hidden microphones there.

Kimmel revisited the predictions he made after the Bachelor premiere, and he tried to get Underwood to give up the goods in terms of whether or not he chose bachelorette Cassie Randolph. Unfortunately, Colton didn’t reveal anything juicy on this front.

Jimmy also asked about the moment in the previews for the season when Colton jumped a high fence and essentially took off on his own. Underwood has addressed this moment previously and he has confirmed it’s a pivotal event of the season.

Underwood teased that after he jumped that fence, he was done being the Bachelor for a while. Colton admitted that host Chris Harrison tried to jump that same fence after he was over it, but Chris never pulled it off.

How long did Colton stay away? He admitted that his escape came to an end in large part due to the fact that he ran into some wildlife out in the wilderness and he got rattled by it. Underwood noted that he didn’t have his phone, and while he wasn’t sure exactly what kind of animal was ahead of him, he didn’t really want to find out.

All in all, Bachelor fans would probably all agree that Colton Underwood’s chat with Jimmy Kimmel was a fun one, even if no big spoilers emerged. There has been a lot of hype about how dramatic things get later in the season and nobody connected to the show is giving away any detailed scoop on whether there is an engagement at the end. Will Kimmel’s predictions about Cassie Randolph being the last gal standing be correct? Up next is Episode 3 and there’s a lot of great stuff on the way.