‘The Bachelor’ Star Spills ‘Rivalry’ With Former Pageant Bestie For Colton Underwood’s Heart

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One of the Bachelor hopefuls revealed a “rivalry” with a fellow contestant and former pageant bestie in the quest for the heart of Colton Underwood to the show’s producers.

Apparently, there are some unresolved issues between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Hannah Brown that need to be addressed.

Both Caelynn and Hannah B. hail from the pageant world. Caelynn was named Miss North Carolina in 2018, while Hannah B. snagged the title of Miss Alabama in 2018.

During a sit-down at the mansion, Caelynn filled a producer in on her history with Hannah B.

“We were roommates at Miss USA,” says Caelynn. “We were super close, and then she was not happy that I was first runner-up. She was mad she didn’t place.”

Caelynn alleges that Hannah B. was jealous because she didn’t make it into the top 15 contestants in the annual beauty pageant competition.

According to Caelynn, Hannah B. “kind of snapped” and became “a whole new Hannah.”

She’s allegedly anticipating and dreading the moment her one-time bestie’s “switch” allegedly flips yet again.

After Hannah B. scored a one-on-one date with Colton, coincidentally on her birthday, Caelynn remarked, “With Hannah, there’s a facade and then it starts to crumble,” she explained.

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Bustle reported that hopefully, Hannah B. will have the opportunity to explain herself later on. The site also reported that fans are convinced that her “feud” with Caelynn will eventually come to a head.

Will it be during the show’s infamous two-on-one date of the season? Only time will tell.

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Meanwhile, Hannah B. went on her first date with Colton, in a hot tub. Before their date began, the Bachelor suggested they each make a toast, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

In a clearly uncomfortable moment, Miss Alabama froze up. Underwood tried to put her at ease by stating, “You say, ‘Let’s make a toast to…’ and then put some words together” — and eventually, Hannah awkwardly blurted out, “let’s make a toast to… this amazing day and, um, roll tide!”

Hannah B. is competing on ABC's The Bachelor.
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“I thought that it was going to be this really easy, natural flow,” Underwood later said of their uncomfortable first moments together. “If we could just make any type of progress, I’ll be happy with that.”

“If Hannah can’t open up, I’m not going to be giving her a rose at the end of the night,” said Colton during the episode.

The beauty queen later revealed to Underwood that she, too, originally was saving herself for marriage, but didn’t wait. The guilt “killed me,” she remarked, stating “I don’t feel perfect because I can’t give [my virginity] to somebody.”

This scored Hannah B. a date rose.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.