‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna’s Medical Condition Brings Intriguing Twists And Turns

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode reveal that viewers will be seeing more of Anna as she faces this sudden blindness and uncertain medical emergency. Teasers hint that this will be a complicated situation, and that it seems that there are some interesting tidbits on the way with regards to this storyline.

As the Twitter sneak peek reveals, Anna will be seen with her eyes bandaged, post-surgery, during Tuesdsay’s episode. She’s asking how badly her eyes were damaged, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that everybody will be feeling anxious as they wait to find out whether she’s getting her eyesight back.

The latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares additional teasers. Co-writer Shelly Altman details that while it was initially suspected that Anna’s blindness might be tied to her existing condition — or be neurologically related — that’s not necessarily the case.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation may fall more in line with Finn’s specialty of infectious diseases. Anna will feel somewhat reassured that Finn, Griffin, and Peter are all right by her side as she faces this — but it sounds as if there may be a long road ahead.

Tuesday’s show will focus on the aftermath of Anna’s emergency surgery, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the underlying cause of her sudden blindness will stay a mystery for the moment. Anna will try to remain strong as she faces this, but she’ll need Finn and her other loved ones to lean on as she pushes forward.

Where do things head next with this storyline? Altman teases General Hospital spoilers revealing that this blindness situation will pave the way to something else enticing — something that apparently will have some unpredictable components incorporated.

“What has happened to Anna will lead us to uncover a mystery that affects not only Anna, but several surprisingly unrelated people.”

So far, General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed any additional insight into what comes next with this situation. However, it is intriguing that this will shift into a new mystery of sorts, one that pulls together some unexpected combinations of characters.

Will Anna still be blind after the bandages are taken off post-surgery? How does this connect to Finn’s specialty in infectious diseases? Who else will be connected to this situation, and how? Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge about this developing storyline soon — and fans will be curious to see what the writers have in store for actress Finola Hughes and her character of Anna.