‘Bachelor’ Gal Cassie Randolph Reflects Back On Episode 2 With Colton Underwood, Teases Great Memories Made

Rick RowellABC

Monday night on Episode 2 of The Bachelor, Cassie Randolph joined a handful of other bachelorettes for a “Camp Bachelor” group date with Colton Underwood. The ladies were challenged to tackle all sorts of outdoors competitions — and despite some intense competitive moments, overall everybody seemingly had a lot of fun. After the episode aired, Randolph took to her Instagram page to share her thoughts.

Cassie Randolph posted several photos from the Bachelor group date to her Instagram page on Monday night. She wrote about how natural this date felt to her, as it brought back great memories from her days at camp as a kid. She also noted that looking back at these photos from filming made her feel nostalgic for the fun she shared with everybody on the cast.

Randolph also shared some additional shots and thoughts via her Instagram Stories on Monday night. She joked about how she was sore for three days after that group date, and in another shot she joked about how much pressure she put on herself to do well in the competitions — and to impress Colton.

As most Bachelor or Bachelorette fans know, contestants tend to form long-lasting friendships with other contestants during their time filming. Sometimes, those friendships last far longer than any romantic relationships that come out of the franchise. In terms of Underwood’s group of ladies, it’s already looking like quite a few of these gals have remained close to one another post-filming.

It’s a little too soon to know who Randolph grew especially close to while pursuing Underwood’s final rose, but she is connected with quite a few of her fellow bachelorettes on Instagram. Cassie is following several “Team Cassie” fan pages, as well as what appears to be a majority of her fellow Bachelor contestants.

Cassie is following gals like Hannah Brown, Tayshia Adams, Catherine Agro, Hannah Godwin, and Demi Burnett — and she is also following Colton himself. While Randolph did do a little bit of scrambling after the Bachelor premiere to explain some things, per the Inquisitr, so far it looks as if her experience filming was a good one.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that Cassie Randolph may well be one to watch this winter as Colton Underwood looks for love. According to the Inquisitr, the buzz is that things get rather crazy toward the end of this season — and Cassie just might figure into some of the chaos ahead. Could Cassie and Colton end up being the last couple standing at the end of this journey? Could they end up going the distance? People are certainly buzzing over this season, and will be anxious to see where things head next.