'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind Fails To Show Up For Visitation With Daughter

Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 premiered on MTV Monday night and fans hearts broke as they watched Chelsea Houska's segments. Although Adam Lind had set up visitation with his daughter, cameras captured the moment when Chelsea and her daughter learned Adam had not shown up to the visitation center. A new preview, via Twitter, shows that the canceled visit will be talked about on next week's episode as well.

On Monday's episode, Chelsea had received word that Adam had set up the visitation, and she wondered if he would actually show up. The reality show star was pregnant at the time but revealed that she would be able to get her pregnant self, her daughter, and her toddler in the car in time to get across town to the visitation center. However, she said that if Adam couldn't get himself there, then "he's got issues."

Although Chelsea worried whether or not Adam would show up, she still took her daughter in hopes that Adam would come through. However, Adam did not show up for the visitation. Since Adam missed the scheduled visitation, he will have to pay a fine in order to set up any future visitation with his daughter. After the incident, Chelsea tried to turn things into a positive and took Aubree for ice cream.

During the episode, Chelsea was live tweeting and told her followers, "Ice cream fixes everything."

Chelsea did her best to smooth things over and handled a hard situation the best way a mother could.

The storyline with Adam and his visitation appears to be something that will be talked about a lot this season. On Monday night, the official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account posted a preview for next week's episode in which Chelsea is talking about the canceled visitation. In the preview, Chelsea is talking to her husband Cole about the situation and she reveals Aubree posed a question to her mother.

Chelsea says, "Aubree's like 'what are the chances he's gonna pay that fee?'"

Chelsea's frustrations with Adam have been followed for the past several seasons of Teen Mom 2. However, there have also been some positive things happening in Chelsea's life. The reality show star married Cole back in October 2016, and they welcomed their son Watson Cole in January 2017. The couple welcomed daughter Layne in August 2018. Chelsea and her daughter Layne even share a birthday.

The new episode of Teen Mom 2 will air on MTV Monday, January 21.