Princess Diana’s ‘Erratic’ Behavior Included ‘Hitting’ Prince Charles, Alleges ‘Express’

Princess Diana ArchiveGetty Images

Princess Diana was allegedly acting “erratic” while married to Prince Charles, including one instance where she “hit him over the head” when the royal was saying his prayers at bedtime, a tell-all biography reported, according to Express.

The book Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life alleges that the royal couple was at odds long before formally announcing their separation.

Royal writer Sally Bedell Smith claims in her book that Diana’s emotional and mental state put a strain on their romance and that Charles sought help for their issues as early as their honeymoon.

Smith reported that in the royal couple’s marriage, there was, in short, “nothing cozy or mutually supportive about their relationship.”

The book’s author claimed that the late princess’s “erratic behavior weighed heavily on Charles,” with the Princess of Wales taunting Charles by saying “you’ll never be king.”

Express reported that the biography describes how Diana “ridiculed Charles when he wore a uniform,” telling him he looked “ridiculous in all those medals.”

According to the royal author, the Prince of Wales allegedly told his cousin Pamela Hicks that after a heated argument, when he knelt to say prayers before bed, “Diana would hit him over the head and keep on with the row while he was praying.”

Express reported that Smith made claims that Diana “banished” many of Charles’ friends, “all of whom she [Diana] suspected of colluding with Camilla [Parker Bowles].”

Two years after the separation, in November 1995, Diana took part in a famously open interview for the BBC current affairs show Panorama.

When asked about Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles – whom he met in 1971 and dated until 1973 – Diana famously quipped, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

She also cast doubt on the Prince’s ability to rule, saying, “Because I know the character I would think that the top job, as I call it, would bring enormous limitations to him, and I don’t know whether he could adapt to that.”

The couple formally divorced in 1996.

One year after their split, Diana was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris alongside her companion Dodi Fayed.

The book alleges that Prince Charles was “distraught” when he found out about Diana’s death.

He knew of the world’s deep fascination and love for the “people’s princess” and how they sided with her against him throughout their separation and eventual divorce.

Shortly after the princess’s death, Smith alleged that Charles asked his royal courtiers, “They’re all going to blame me, aren’t they?”