Nina Agdal Shares Topless Selfie On Instagram & It’s Hardly Censored

Vittorio Zunino CelottoGetty Images

Nina Agdal is turning up the heat on her Instagram page with a topless selfie that she shared to promote a new cooking YouTube channel. The photo shows the model bathed in a pink, neon light as she gave a sultry look for the camera. Nina censored her curves with her right hand, as she accessorized with what looks like diamond earrings. She wore her hair up and back, and she might have been in a tanning bed but it’s hard to know for sure.

Previously, Nina shared a series of even more risque photos from her getaway to COMO Parrot Cay at Turks and Caicos. Photos showed her topless and even completely nude by the ocean. Agdal even joked in her most recent post that “Since nobody cares unless i take my clothes off here’s another semi naked picture of me.”

Hopefully she finds success with her cooking channel, which she titled, “Quirky’s Kitchen.” Agdal cooked with Taylor Ballantyne, and the two started the show off by raving about their new aprons and mimosa glasses. In addition to sharing her cooking, Nina also did a video on her ten-minute makeup routine, which has received over 220k views so far.

Not to mention that yesterday, Nina opened up about some of her personal struggles with fans. This seemed to resonate with many of her followers, who encouraged her and thanked her for sharing such a personal message. Others sympathized with the model, and shared their own struggles with anxiety.

“I like so many others deal with anxiety that some days completely shut me down and make me stay in fetal position for hours if not days, hiding from everything and everyone. But just having a couple of days feeling free of it makes me realize that making an effort to work on my mental health and practice self care and self love does make a difference.. so yeah”

In other news, Agdal’s been sharing a ton of Instagram Stories. She shared a bunch of videos announcing that she’s chosen to start walking her dog instead of paying someone else to do it. The dog was dressed up in a really cute Adidas sweater for the walk. Plus, Nina shared a couple of snaps of her meals, along with a clip of her doing a workout at home in order to save time and money instead of heading to the gym.