Padma Lakshmi Dons Red Bikini For ’20 Year Challenge’ On Instagram, Looks Amazing At 48-Years-Old

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Padma Lakshmi is proving that age is no thing with her newest Instagram post, which was her response to the “10 Year Challenge” that’s popular right now on social media. Instead of putting a collage of herself from 10 years ago and now, the model opted to share a photo of herself from 20 years ago and now. The photo from 1999 shows Padma holding a coconut and wearing a sarong, while the second photo from 2019 is of Lakshmi rocking a skimpy red bikini. The swimsuit had a halter-like top that barely contained her assets, along with a bottom with side ties. The post was geo-tagged Miami Beach, Florida, and she’s clearly enjoying the sun right now. Fans raved about the pictures, with people saying things like, “You aged backwards,” “she hasn’t aged tho!!!” and “You win!”

Plus, one of Padma’s well-known work is with Top Chef, which she has been hosting since 2006. Her most recent post related to the show was shared four days ago, when she shared a GIF of herself wearing a flapper’s dress and bob-cut wig. She previously mentioned that “In order to do my job well as a host, sometimes that means sublimating my own personality to make sure that we hear from all of the other judges as well as the chefs.”

In other news, Lakshmi’s other new posts show her working out at the gym, as well as promoting her interview with Vulture, where she spoke with Alex Jung, showed him her food culture, and shared some details of her personal life.

And as a woman who started off modeling but has since become a TV personality, actress, and writer, she’s gone through different phases in her career. She reflected on modeling in particular, noting that it helped her earn a lot of money.

“But I don’t think I was very happy because in my heart I really wanted to be a writer. I would judge myself like, You’re doing something so vapid; you’re not using your brain. And then I would be like, Get over yourself. You’re lucky to be doing what most people would kill to do. Just stock your money away and be thankful.”

It’s true enough that the modeling industry is very cut-throat. It’s hard to separate yourself from the pack. However, Padma was able to find success in the mainstream media as one of the first Indian models to have a career in several fashion capitals around the world.