Duchess Meghan Forced To Test Unborn Baby For Disabilities Before Pregnancy Was Announced, Per ‘Radar Online’

Charlotte GrahamGetty Images

It’s not uncommon for women to have genetic screening tests early on in their pregnancies, but a source is now saying that while these tests are considered optional for most, Meghan Markle was compelled to take them before publicly announcing that she was expecting to the world.

Radar Online says that the palace insists that tests must be done to screen for certain disabilities due to the overlapping gene pools within the royal family. There are some disorders which have surfaced in past generations, and it is now said to be “royal protocol” to submit to these tests.

“All women in the royal household must submit to this test now. Many of the royal houses of Europe are very closely related so the gene pool can be quite shallow, which can increase the chances of abnormal children being produced.”

Queen Elizabeth is said to have two female cousins who have spent their lives in institutions due to “learning disabilities.” Prince John, the youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary, was kept out of the public eye on the Sandringham estate and died at age 13 of epilepsy and learning disorders.

Markle was told that these tests were non-negotiable despite the fact that she is in no way genetically related to the queen or Prince Harry.

“Even though Meghan was a non-royal, that didn’t change the fact she had to get tested,” said the insider. “Meghan wasn’t happy with having to submit to it, but it was non-negotiable like most traditions in the royal family.”

The Cheat Sheet says that the genetic disorders found in the royal gene pool are not limited to the broad definition of “learning disabilities” as some are illnesses of the body and mental health concerns, like porphyria. The movie The Madness of King George touched on the porphyria which plagued George III and ultimately killed him. The hereditary disease is actually a blood disorder which causes an excess of heme in the blood, leading to excessive photosensitivity, sores on the skin, and mental health symptoms. The king died in 1625 after he stopped being able to speak or swallow.

Another blood disorder in the royal family through Queen Victoria’s line is hemophilia, which is carried through males in the royal family, including Alexei Romanoff. Known as the “Royal Disease,” it is a failure of the blood to clot, leading to hemorrhage.

“Many of Queen Victoria’s male descendants died from hemophilia. The Queen’s son, Leopold, the Duke of Albany, died of blood loss after he tripped and fell.”