‘Bachelor’ Episode 2 Spoilers: Hannah Brown Gets A Date With Colton Underwood, But Her Nerves May Do Her In

Rick RowellABC

Episode 2 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season featuring Colton Underwood will have plenty of ups and downs, according to the available spoilers. It’s time for the first dates of the new season and Hannah Brown, who the Inquisitr previously described, will be getting Colton’s first one-on-one. Hannah impressed viewers during the premiere for her positive, sweet, and bubbly nature. However, it looks like she’ll be struggling during this date, and it might end her journey to find love quickly.

ABC shared a new sneak peek via Twitter into Colton and Hannah’s first date. It had already been revealed that Brown and Underwood would have a one-on-one and that there would be some awkward moments of silence in it. Unfortunately, this new preview clip makes it look even more awkward.

It happened to be Hannah’s birthday on the day this date was filmed, and that should have been a reason to let loose and have fun with Colton. Unfortunately, Bachelor spoilers suggest that this all just gets the best of Brown. She can think on her feet at a beauty pageant, but somehow trying to snag a rose from Underwood left her rattled.

According to the press release from ABC for Episode 2, Hannah and Colton will ride horses through the Vasquez Rocks National Area Park and then they’ll spend some time together in a private outdoor hot tub. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Brown will have a hard time opening up to Underwood on this date, and it looks like that’ll be a common challenge throughout their time together in Episode 2.

In addition to the horseback riding and hot tub, at some point, Hannah and Colton will share a drink under a gauzy tent set up outdoors. The Bachelor spoilers note that Underwood will ask Brown to come up with a toast of some sort, and it looks like she completely freezes when put on the spot.

Later on in their date, Colton and Hannah will have the chance to share dinner on the Queen Mary. It sounds as if Underwood will be anxious to see Brown show her light-hearted, confident side, but can she pull it off? Viewers will have to tune in to see how their dinner goes, but as the Inquisitr has previously detailed, she does reportedly get a rose.

Anybody who checks out Hannah Brown’s Instagram page can see that she does appear to have a bubbly, confident, and light-hearted personality. Will Colton Underwood be able to see through her first date jitters or will he remain hesitant as he decides to keep her for now? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that viewers will be seeing more of this contestant beyond Episode 2, and it’ll be interesting to see how things progress between these two.