‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Ava’s Stunned By Ryan And Carly Confronts Franco

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s show suggest that this week is going to get off to an intense start. Ryan’s scrambling to ensure his scheme is not uncovered and during Friday’s show, he asked Ava to leave town with him. There’s more of this conversation ahead during the January 14 show and teasers hint that viewers are about to learn who his next victim will be.

The sneak peek for Monday’s show hints that Ryan’s sudden plan to leave Port Charles with Ava will leave her pretty rattled. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll question him to try to figure out if he’s serious, and he might pull out all the stops to try to convince her to go with him.

Ultimately, it doesn’t sound as if Ava and Ryan will be packing up their belongings and rushing out of town. Viewers will have to see how that plays out on Monday, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan’s focus will soon be on someone else.

Across town, Carly will stumble across Franco as he’s digging through “Kevin’s” office. He went there to get his medical records after being dumped by the man he thought was a friend and his therapist, and fans were holding their breath on Friday to see if Franco would stumble across the licenses that Ryan’s been keeping as trophies.

Carly will ask Franco what he thinks he’s doing there, and she may end up a bit surprised to hear that “Kevin” dumped Franco as a client. It sounds as if this conversation may put a halt to Franco’s ransacking and prevent him from finding the trophy stash.

As this all plays out, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps detail that Ryan will target someone else. Per Inquisitr, there has been a lot of speculation swirling about who he will decide he needs to take out next, and it seems somewhat uncertain whether viewers will see this death actually happen Monday versus later in the week.

Soap Central reveals that Carly and Ryan will have an encounter at some point this week, and some viewers have speculated that she may either be his next victim or she may come close. Ryan has been increasingly annoyed by her, but there are other General Hospital spoilers hinting that she’ll remain in the thick of things over the next couple of weeks.

Who lands on Ryan’s list next and will it be someone prominent in Port Charles or a throwaway character? General Hospital spoilers hint that this could be a big week, and fans won’t want to miss where things head next.