Howard Stern Admits Marriage Troubles, Hopes ‘Wife Still Loves Me,’ Per ‘Radar Online’

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Howard Stern reportedly is worried about the future of his marriage to wife Beth Stern, admitting on his hit Sirius XM radio program that he hopes “my wife still loves me.”

Radar Online reported that the radio host’s marriage could be on the rocks.

He and Beth Stern, who have been married 10 years, reportedly haven’t been on the same page, noted the Sirius personality on his daily morning show.

“Beth told me this weekend that she thinks I’m walking around depressed all the time,” Stern told co-host Robin Quivers during his show.

“I got upset when she said it. [Beth] goes, ‘Well, you’ve been very very negative,'” he painstakingly recalled, reported Radar.

Stern said after he asked her when he was ever a positive person, she responded, “You’re always cursing everything out and saying everything sucks.”

“I wanted to say to her, ‘Well, you married me. I wasn’t exactly Mr. Positivity,” he alleged on-air.

Stern then reportedly asked his wife, “Are you trying to tell me you’re not happy being married to me?”

He noted to Quivers, “I’m only praying she still loves me.”

Beth Stern, 46, has been intimately involved with Howard Stern, 65, for the past 18 years. The couple met in 2000.

“She told me I could work on my attitude, and be more positive. If you notice I’ve been a bundle of positivity this morning,” he said. “I was afraid maybe my looks are fading and she’s really seeing my personality.”

“My rock-n-roll look isn’t working with her anymore,” he quipped. “I guess I really am negative, I never noticed it.”

Prior to his marriage to Beth Stern, Howard Stern was married to Alison Stern (nee Berns) for 23 years. The couple is parents to three grown daughters: Emily Beth, Debra Jennifer, and Ashley Jade.


Back in 2011, Stern revealed, as reported by the New York Daily News, that he felt like a “failure” after his first marriage ended in divorce and worried about the effect the couple’s divorce would have on their daughters.

In 2015, the New York Post reported that Emily Stern credits her dad’s sexually graphic radio show for curtailing her dating life at that time.

“My dad’s emphasis on sexuality [in his career] kept me out of the dating ring [when I was younger].”

Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio show airs weekdays on the Howard Stern channel. The shows can also be heard on demand with a subscription to the paid service.

There has been no formal comment from Beth Stern regarding her husband’s comments on his radio show regarding their relationship.

She posted a loving birthday message to her husband on her official Instagram on January 12.