‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Teases Spoilers: ‘Different, Unique And Challenging’ Ending To His Season Ahead

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There is plenty of buzz swirling among fans regarding Colton Underwood and his season of ABC’s The Bachelor. Spoilers have suggested that there will be some wild twists and turns playing out this winter as Colton looks for love. So far, for the most part, he has played coy about how things end. Now, Underwood is sharing a few spoilers hinting at the drama that is on the way.

Hollywood Life shares that they recently chatted with Colton and got a few interesting tidbits out of him. Neither Underwood nor the network has revealed whether or not this Bachelor star gets engaged this season. However, when asked about the ending this time around, Colton did come up with three words to sum it up.

“Different, unique and challenging.”

Obviously, that doesn’t give anything too monumental away. It is worth noting, however, that it easily syncs up with gossip king Reality Steve’s spoilers about the ending. As the Inquisitr has detailed, Reality Steve’s teasers have broken down an ending that provides challenges as well as something that hasn’t happened before.

Underwood went on to admit that he is somewhat nervous to see how everything plays out on-screen this winter. Colton said that he is excited, but he also acknowledged that things get crazy enough that he will have to forge ahead through some emotional memories as he watches it all back again.

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Based on the Bachelor spoilers that have already emerged about this season, fans have a lot to look forward to as Colton looks for his future wife. The first part of the season is reportedly relatively traditional, with the ladies getting intensely competitive and tears flowing as eliminations take place.

However, the last few episodes should be pretty wild. Colton has already confirmed that his fence-jumping incident is a big deal and comes late in filming. In fact, he even admitted that he essentially walked off of the show entirely at that point. He does return, but Bachelor spoilers hint that there’s more drama that comes after that.

As Reality Steve has teased in his Bachelor spoilers, it’s hard to tell how the last part of Colton’s season will even be broken down into episodes to air on ABC — it’s supposedly that unique an ending. Fans are already buzzing about some hints incorporated into the previews for this journey and all signs point toward things getting even wilder as the finale approaches.

Does Colton Underwood ultimately get a happy ending on this Bachelor season? It looks like it’s going to be a bumpy, wild ride and fans will be anxious to see exactly how it all plays out.